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Stealing Bess

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Two English twins, who despise each other, start rival vacuum cleaner companies across the street from each other.... (Full plot summary below)

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Two English twins, who despise each other, start rival vacuum cleaner companies across the street from each other.

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The New York Times - 5/10 by Dana StevensTogether, Mr. Lee and Mr. Green have a daft comic energy, and they are assisted by game performances from the rest of the cast.
Philadelphia Inquirer - 5/10 by Carrie RickeyWhile Stealing Harvard may be a chucklehead comedy, Lee is oddly touching and funny. Mostly because, unlike Green, he's not aggressively trying to make us laugh.
L.A. Weekly - 5/10 by John PattersonWhenever Green shows up to do his semi-improvised, non-acting shtick (detaching pit bulls from testicles, kamikaze wheelchair rides, etc.), this otherwise sprightly and intermittently amusing movie suddenly feels like a ship dragging its anchor.
New Times (L.A.) - 5/10 by Luke Y. ThompsonHad Stealing Harvard merely been a stupid movie about people stuck in a string of silly moments, it could have gotten by on charm. As written by Peter Tolan and directed by Bruce McCulloch (''Kids in the Hall'') it's a stupid movie about stupid people.
Film Threat - 4/10 by David GroveAfter watching this movie, you get the feeling that there’s a lot of people at Harvard who’ve done worse things than rob a bank to get in.
Washington Post - 4/10 by Michael O'SullivanLee's understated performance is a small treat.
Baltimore Sun - 4/10 by Michael SragowLike Adam Sandler's "Mr. Deeds," this is a hybrid, hipster-cornball movie that wants to celebrate common folk but unapologetically uses words like "trailer trash" to describe them.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - 4/10 by Rick GroenA few early laughs scattered around a plot as thin as it is repetitious. There's talent in this picture, both before and behind the camera, but virtually none of it gets on the screen.
USA Today - 4/10 by Mike ClarkWhen the most notable thing a film offers is the sight of Dennis Farina in drag, you can't expect much.
Chicago Tribune - 4/10 by Mark CaroSome actors steal scenes. Tom Green just gives them a bad odor. This self-infatuated goofball is far from the only thing wrong with the clumsy comedy.

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