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Detroit News - 9/10 by Adam GrahamA low-grade piece of vigilante trash that she should be above. - 9/10 by Tom SantilliJennifer Garner...elevates this movie and makes it worth checking out in theaters, critics be damned. - 9/10 by Brian OrndorfGarner tries to act as an angel of death in a bad wig, only to face the real enemy: a production team that has no idea what they're doing, even though they've done all of this before.
indieWire - 9/10 by Jude DryThe new action flick Peppermint is a rare return to form for Garner, who doles out her vigilante justice with effortless charm. Unfortunately, that’s about the only reason to see Peppermint.
L.A. Biz - 9/10 by Annlee EllingsonPeppermint ... is beneath [star Jennifer Garner] - a brutally violent revenge story that fails to pause for any self-reflection.
Fresh Fiction - 9/10 by Courtney HowardNot only is this fear-mongering rhetoric at its laziest, but it's also a poorly-constructed action film that does no one any favors.
ScreenAnarchy - 8/10 by Frank OchiengPeppermint is woefully suspect in its flimsy feminine fireworks beyond the stereotypical gimmickry of a scorned housewife eradicating the bothersome brown menace.
The Only Critic - 8/10 by Nate AdamsPeppermint leaves you with a bitter aftertaste
Bowling Green Daily News - 8/10 by Micheal ComptonEven by vigilante film standards, this is a film with a really nasty streak that ultimately left me cold.
Pasadena Weekly - 8/10 by Carl KozlowskiSurely a White House gala screening awaits this ugly film, which will leave a sour taste in the mouth of any viewer with a conscience.

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