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The story of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists responsible.... (Full plot summary below)

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The story of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists responsible.

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New York Post - 10/10 by Kyle SmithA great American movie about the greatness of ordinary Americans, Patriots Day combines an electrifying manhunt with the intimacy and feel for character writer-director Peter Berg showed in his brilliant TV series “Friday Night Lights.”
Chicago Sun-Times - 9/10 by Richard RoeperOverall, this is a Boston Strong film about one of the worst terrorist attacks ever on American soil, and a community’s resounding response.
The Playlist - 9/10 by Nigel M. SmithBerg’s approach is blunt and effective. With Patriots Day, he’s made an action film that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let up.
Time - 8/10 by Stephanie ZacharekPatriots Day, muscular and confident, falls right in line with Berg’s other work. And you might feel a little dirty after watching it, as if you’d been granted access to real-life suffering and tragedy that perhaps should have remained private.
The A.V. Club - 8/10 by Benjamin MercerThe movie, none too revelatory, mostly just stands as a sturdy thriller, one that’s more fleet than flat-footed as it shuttles among a veritable network of characters and story lines.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - 8/10 by Barry HertzBerg also creates one scene that should stand as an all-time classic: a residential street standoff between the Tsarnaevs and members of the Boston and neighbouring Watertown police departments.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 8/10 by Calvin WilsonFar from being exploitative, Patriots Day honors the Bostonians who responded to terrorism with strength.
Movie Nation - 8/10 by Roger MooreA taut, riveting police procedural that maintains suspense even as it finds humor in the people, their funny accents and way with profanity, and pathos.
The Seattle Times - 8/10 by John HartlFor all its rough edges and gruesome touches, Patriots Day is a heartfelt and ambitious attempt to turn mayhem into something that’s emotionally valid.
Slant Magazine - 8/10 by Christopher GrayAs long as Patriots Day is concerned with recreating the sense of ambient chaos among sparring investigators and an anxious community, it’s immersive and thrilling.

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