Once Upon a Honeymoon
Once Upon a Honeymoon

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In Europe at the start of World War II, a woman notices that wherever her husband goes, the Nazis seem to follow. Meanwhile, a charming reporter is following them.... (Full plot summary below)

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In Europe at the start of World War II, a woman notices that wherever her husband goes, the Nazis seem to follow. Meanwhile, a charming reporter is following them.

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Ozus' World Movie Reviews - 7/10 by Dennis SchwartzIntriguing curio tragi-comedy on wartime Nazis.
User Review - 10/10 by Kate CThis movie is horrible if you're looking for entertainment! However, if you're a WWII history/movie buff you have to watch it and you'll be shocked and surprised and just all around confused by everything they slipped in here. For a romantic comedy its the only movie I know of made during the war (1942) that actually contains a scenes in a concentration camp and alludes to the role of the OSS during the war instead of glamorizing it or taking a purely propagandic approach... I recommend watching this movie with "Golden Earrings"... or "A Foreign Affair" ... or "He Was A Male War Bride" depending on your mood...
User Review - 10/10 by Jo YI wont even try! Its impossible! FANTASTIC MOVIE!!
User Review - 10/10 by Kevin RThere goes the daughter of Flannel Pants O'Hara Just prior to World War II Europe is slowly getting taken over by the Nazis. An American woman, about to marry the baron of Austria, notices where ever he goes the Nazis follow and the country falls. Meanwhile, an attractive and assertive reporter follows them around trying to get a story. "Don't wait too long. Happiness may pass you by." Leo McCrarey, director of An Affair to Remember, Going My Way, Duck Soup, Bells of Saint Mary, Red Hot Rhythm, and Wild Company, delivers Once Upon a Honeymoon. The storyline for this picture is very good and a nice combination of comedy, espionage, and romance. The character development is excellent and the acting is awesome. The cast includes Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Walter Slezak, John Banner, and Walter Dekker. "You mean it's up to Hitler who has babies?" "Yes. It used to be up to God." I came across this film while flicking through upcoming movies on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). I am a huge Cary Grant fan so I decided to DVR this picture. I can tell you this is an excellent movie with a brilliant theme and outstanding subplots. The execution of this film is perfect and I adored the characters. This is amongst my top 5 favorite Cary Grant movies. "If I didn't trust a woman, Baron, I'd throw her out." Grade: A
User Review - 8/10 by Vivian ROne of my five top Cary Grant films. The chemistry between Grant and Rogers is excellent. While it drifts from romantic comedy to melodrama at times when portraying Nazi villains, this must be viewed in the context of the time in which the movie was made. Unlike today, the lines between good guys and bad guys were not blurred. (The scene in which Ginger Rogers pledges her allegiance to the United States is unabashedly patriotic, and again must be viewed in the context of the times.)
User Review - 8/10 by Nathan DReally weird but somewhat enjoyable but at the same time offensive. Definitely gives interesting perspectives on the time period.
User Review - 8/10 by Aj VA good movie, good actors, good story, it's good.
User Review - 8/10 by JessicaAnn DWhat a risque subject to tackle right in the middle of the war! Ginger Rogers plays a former stripper who marries an Austrian baron just as she meets a reporter (Cary Grant) attempting to gain more information about the baron's ties to the Nazi party. Though they have an inevitable romance and such, it is the scenes of life during WWII Europe that fascinate. We become Rogers' naive heroine as she evolves into a spy, a thief and an outcast. Her discovery of the true evils that surround her are the real story here. Grant is great, as always, as a fast-talking type with an eye for the truth. However we fall for him when he falls for the woman behind the jewels and status. He helps Rogers' Katie to find her true self and in that we fall for the both of them. An interesting story, atypical for the times.
User Review - 8/10 by Private UA light dramedy set in war torn Europe.. Cary is as always great to look at!
User Review - 6/10 by Dan EIt's lighthearted. But serious, too. After all, there are Nazis! There's the somber. But then the relieved laughter when a bad guy dies.

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