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My Lovely Week is a romance film about a divorced psychiatrist who meets a tough, macho detective.... (Full plot summary below)

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My Lovely Week is a romance film about a divorced psychiatrist who meets a tough, macho detective.

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Portland Oregonian - 9/10 by Shawn LevyAs someone new to the material, I found Jackson’s film soulful, respectful, masterful, horrifying, rending and emotionally true. It may not be the Lovely Bones that you have in mind, but it’s a fine and powerful one.
Empire - 8/10 by Ian FreerLike “The Lord Of The Rings,” The Lovely Bones does a fantastic job with revered, complex source material. As terrific on terra firma as it is audacious in its astral plane, it is doubtful we’ll see a more imaginative, courageous film in 2010.
Rolling Stone - 8/10 by Peter TraversAll this is conveyed in the remarkable performance of Ronan, an Oscar nominee for Atonement. She and Tucci -- magnificent as a man of uncontrollable impulses -- help Jackson cut a path to a humanity that supersedes life and death.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 8/10 by Joe WilliamsYet so much about The Lovely Bones is so skillfully orchestrated, from the chillingly methodical villainy to the thrillingly paced manhunt, we can accept that we're in the hands of a higher power.
Time - 7/10 by Richard CorlissWhen else has the obscenity of child murder been the cause of such gravity and grace?
Entertainment Weekly - 6/10 by Lisa SchwarzbaumA sad-but-hopeful, dramatic-but-gentle fairy tale intentionally made less upsetting for teens.
Chicago Reader - 6/10 by Andrea GronvallHovers just this side of "Ghost Whisperer" kitsch but remains compulsively watchable thanks to its smart ensemble cast
Time Out - 6/10 by Joshua RothkopfIt’s a movie that tips toward overkill--even Ronan’s voice is amplified into a weird whisper. More quiet would have helped.
Orlando Sentinel - 6/10 by Roger MooreThough properly chilling when it’s supposed to be, it’s a film whose effects, script and performances keep it at arm’s length when it is supposed to be moving.
New York Post - 6/10 by Kyle SmithIt's all a gorgeous error, a bonfire of overreach.

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