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An author tells the story of how, as a young boy growing up in a 1960s small town, he was haunted after witnessing the murder of a little girl.... (Full plot summary below)

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An author tells the story of how, as a young boy growing up in a 1960s small town, he was haunted after witnessing the murder of a little girl.

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Movie Reviews - 9/10 by Dustin Putman A deliciously layered, visually atmospheric, gravely underappreciated seasonal thriller aflame with the embers of a classic campfire yarn.
Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC) - 8/10 by Ken Hanke Surprisingly effective little ghost story.
Groucho Reviews - 7/10 by Peter Canavese Far from perfect, but what it lacks in finesse, it makes up in shaggy-dog charm....the fun is in the journey.
United Press International - 5/10 by Cathy Burke Lady in White, written and directed by Frank LaLoggia, manages to combine the eery and ordinary in a fanciful and melancholy ghost tale.
Reel Film Reviews - 5/10 by David Nusair ...the majority of Lady in White's horror-based elements fall completely flat...
User Review - 10/10 by xGary X I love this movie! Every charachter touches me in some way. Watch it over and over. " Have you ever seen a dream walking?"
User Review - 10/10 by Christina S I absolutely love this film. When the little boy is locked in the cloak room and sees the ghost, it was really scary. Great film.
User Review - 10/10 by Bite M Love this movie, ever since I was a kid. It's so great. Love the song on it too!
User Review - 10/10 by Private U All time favorite Halloween movie. We watch it every year. I love the family, the fact it is in the 60s era when I grew up. I love the story and the end. The scenery is superb.
User Review - 10/10 by Stephanie W the first movie that really spoke to me, i can relate to this well.
User Review - 10/10 by Sue M I have always loved this movie. It impresses me that the direction Frank LaLoggia wrote the screenplay, directed it and composed the soundtrack. A horror suspense movie needs to keep me engaged. I want to connect with the characters and if I get some good special effects and good camera work I am there. Lady in White is in my personal collection and I am looking forward to getting it in Blu Ray soon. It's a fav for me.
User Review - 10/10 by tasca s very old movie... saw it as a kid and still it sticks with me. fave movie of all time.

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