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While navigating their careers in Los Angeles, a pianist and an actress fall in love while attempting to reconcile their aspirations for the future.... (Full plot summary below)

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While navigating their careers in Los Angeles, a pianist and an actress fall in love while attempting to reconcile their aspirations for the future.

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Pittsburgh City Paper - 10/10 by Al Hoff Gosling and Stone are adorable; they comport themselves well enough at singing and dancing, and the effervescence of the work gives their somewhat amateurish routines a shaggy charm.
Slant Magazine - 10/10 by Keith Uhlich Not once do you feel like you're watching red-blooded characters, so much as you are the good-natured, tirelessly committed actors playing them.
HeyUGuys - 10/10 by Stefan Pape Working as something of a love letter to classic Hollywood, and celebration of cinema in its purest form - this feature somehow manages to avoid feeling imitative, nor like a mere pastiche - which is of huge commendation to the director.
The Verge - 10/10 by Tasha Robinson The craft of La La Land is impeccable, from the energetically active camera to the staging and production design that re-creates the past without feeling dated. But there's a reckless cockiness to the production as well.
Sight and Sound - 10/10 by Tom Charity Chazelle has crafted that rare thing, a genuinely romantic comedy, and as well, a rhapsody in blue, red, yellow and green.
The Young Folks - 10/10 by Allyson Johnson La La Land has us with our eyes glued, feet tapping and hearts pounding with anticipation of just what wonder it's going to produce next.
EntertainmentTell - 10/10 by Stephen Silver A wondrous, magical film that pays constant tribute to a century of musicals and Hollywood films about Hollywood, without ever succumbing to cliché. (Broad Street Review)
Philadelphia Inquirer - 10/10 by Steven Rea If you haven't succumbed to the joyous magic of La La Land by the end of the Fred-and-Ginger-flavored "A Lovely Night," well, then, pick up your Official Curmudgeon badge and head for the exit.
SSG Syndicate - 10/10 by Susan Granger Unabashedly twinkly and entrancing, affectionately recalling the Golden Era of Hollywood musicals.
Us Weekly - 10/10 by Mara Reinstein A gorgeous homage to the golden age of Hollywood musicals in the 1950s, the film has the power to make audiences laugh, weep and feel as if they can float on air.
IGN Movies - 10/10 by Terri Schwartz La La Land is a joyous filmgoing experience, a musical brimming with optimism that never becomes treacly, ably directed by Whiplash's Damien Chazelle and featuring fantastic performances by leads Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. - 10/10 by Nicholas Barber Most cinema-goers are already madly in love with at least one of them, and that love will hit stratospheric new heights when they see how skilfully Gosling and Stone balance their absurd attractiveness with goofy self-deprecation in La La Land.

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