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In the future, a kickboxer and a robot lead a revolution against ruling cyborgs.... (Full plot summary below)

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In the future, a kickboxer and a robot lead a revolution against ruling cyborgs.

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User Review - 10/10 by Dean MThis is more incredible sci-fi with amazing martial arts where a real-life female kickboxer champion Kathy Long kicks the ruling cyborgs' asses. I believe this is the highly recommendation of martial arts movie.
User Review - 10/10 by Cory CA fast paced somewhat vague science fantasy movie about archetypical characters. It opens with the desolation of Earth and the harshness of what's left over. The cyborgs command legions of human slave-soldiers led by the head cyborg called Job. The cyborgs are few in number but they appear to be unkillable to the human rabble. One woman decides to become a warrior and follows the cyborg killer Gabriel who is himself a cyborg but has an internal power source and doesn't require killing humans for their blood. He trains the girl after saving her life and together they slaughter the remaining cyborgs in a series of fights but her young brother is taken by the Master Builder who takes him to Cyborg City. The two hunters continue on with the enigmatic quote describing what would have happened if there had been a sequel "The search for my brother would eventually lead us beyond time and space, far beyond Cyborg City was Genesis, and finally the edge of the universe. But before that there would be many battles and many glorious adventures." Obviously the story is short and not nearly as detailed as it could have been. It would have been interesting to hear explanations for why human blood is the cyborg's power source, why they wanted to kill their human creator, who the Master Builder was, and what caused the devastation of Earth. The movie is, however, entertaining and a good example of how simple archetypes can be applied to make a quick interesting time killer of almost 90 minutes.
User Review - 8/10 by Kevin Dhenriksen is bizzarre, kristofferson has the most obvious double ever, kathy long is hard and sexy, the film is awful in the best possible way
User Review - 6/10 by Wayne BCreative story. The cyborgs could have been tougher and better casted. Kathy Long and Gary Daniels were awesome.
User Review - 6/10 by Tony SThis is one of the best worst movies ever made. Not only is it cyborg kickboxing, but the cyborgs are vampires, too. It's amazing. Try watching this movie instead of having sex. Within thirty days, you'll see a difference.
User Review - 6/10 by Tim HIts perhaps one of the most mind numbingly awful cyborg films ever made (from subgenre stalwart Albert Pyun) yet at the same time is completely entrancing. After all, its not every day that you get to see Kris Kristofferson as a cyborg warrior.
User Review - 4/10 by Robert IPretty cool. Neat idea and some nice one liners. Thank you Wen x
User Review - 4/10 by Drew HTerrible film that had silly fight scenes and even worse SPX.
User Review - 4/10 by Philip KKNIGHTS - (Starring Kris Kristofferson, Lance Henriksen) "This looks awful, but it's actually pretty enjoyable. It's your standard post-apocalyptic-cyborgs-have-taken- over revenge story: a young woman orphaned by a cyborg attack begs a good cyborg to teach her how to kill cyborgs. Like most other 'cyborg' movies, it actually features androids, not cyborgs." Memorable moment - When some unintroduced dude in a weird outfit suddenly flies away at the end and we're left wondering what the hell just happened What kind of a movie is it? - Pretty okay standard cyborg movie
User Review - 2/10 by Phil HAlbert Pyun must have a robotic cyborg fetish methinks (like Charles Band and his killer doll fetish) as most of his films tend to revolve around them or include them. Again we have more killer cyborgs that need to be taken down by human resistance. I might point out that Mr Pyun's other fetish is post apocalyptic scenarios as again this film is set in a distant earth future where everything is gone and its er....apocalyptic. I watched this simply down to the casting of sci-fi stalwart Lance Henriksen and big name Kris Kristofferson, the rest of the cast are the usual people Pyun ALWAYS uses (yep Thomerson in there again). The plot is stupid and much the same as other Pyun films, the effects are pretty ropy...looks like a TV movie, and as usual there is much martial arts tomfoolery going on from both cyborgs and humans. Massively cheesy with a whole joint of ham from Henriksen as the cyborg leader which almost saves the film but can't. The rest of the film is so poor and basic looking that it can't even be enjoyed as a B-movie I'm afraid.

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