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A young woman is followed by an unknown supernatural force after a sexual encounter.... (Full plot summary below)

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A young woman is followed by an unknown supernatural force after a sexual encounter.

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Sacramento News & Review - 10/10 by Daniel Barnes It Follows is intelligent and terrifying, an instant genre classic.
The A.V. Club - 10/10 by A.A. Dowd Fans of early John Carpenter will immediately identify the master’s influence — on the voyeuristic slink of the camera, the synth pulse of Rich Vreeland’s throwback score, and the transformation of “safe,” warmly lit residential environments into landscapes of dread.
Movie Talk - 10/10 by Jason Best The remorseless antagonist is genuinely horrifying, all the more so because its malignity is seemingly motiveless.
The List - 10/10 by Katherine McLaughlin Suspenseful, atmospheric and spine-tingling horror cinema which nods at the masters and completely astounds as it manages the tough feat of being striking, sensitive and utterly disturbing.
Flickering Myth - 10/10 by Robert Kojder The film takes sex, a cliché of horror, and uses it to charge a narrative that is smart and compelling and boasts a soundtrack so hypnotic it elevates the intensity on every level.
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 10/10 by Colin Covert Writer/director David Robert Mitchell forms a provocative filmic world of slowly unfolding secrets, creating a highly disturbing, highly recommended nightmare.
The Guardian - 10/10 by Peter Bradshaw Mitchell brings off some sensational setpieces of fear and suspense. I can’t remember when I was last so royally freaked out in the cinema.
Sky Cinema - 10/10 by Rob Daniel You won't see anything more scary this year. Unless it sees you first.
New York Magazine/Vulture - 10/10 by David Edelstein My whole life I've been a horror-movie freak, and I've rarely been as scared as I was at It Follows. But it wasn't a fun kind of scare. It was the so-upset-I-feel-sick kind of amorphous dread.
Georgia Straight - 10/10 by Steve Newton Every once in a while a low-budget indie fright flick comes along that makes everything on the major studios' horror plate look like a pile of steaming crap.
The Telegraph - 10/10 by Tim Robey Despite borrowing cleverly from the best, It Follows still manages to feel like no other example in recent years - tender, remarkably ingenious and scalp-pricklingly scary.
Film Freak Central - 10/10 by Walter Chaw It's not about why things happen so much as it's about why those things can be frightening.

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