Isle of Dogs
Isle of Dogs

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Set in Japan, Isle of Dogs follows a boy's odyssey in search of his lost dog.... (Full plot summary below)

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Set in Japan, Isle of Dogs follows a boy's odyssey in search of his lost dog.

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The Hollywood Reporter - 10/10 by David RooneyThe unique charm of Isle of Dogs is its bottomless vault of curios, its sly humor, playful graphic inserts and dexterous narrative detours.
Columbus Alive - 10/10 by Brad KeefeIf you already want to see "Isle of Dogs," you'll love it.
KXL-FM (Portland, OR) - 10/10 by Gary WolcottFun flick that subtly looks at how gullible people are and how they'll believe just about anything.
Cinemanía (Spain) - 10/10 by Daniel de PartearroyoJust as Mr. Fox must be defended as one of George Clooney's best roles, in Isle of Dogs the verbal work of Bryan Cranston entails a peak in prosody... [Full review in Spanish]
El Mundo (Spain) - 10/10 by Luis MartínezIn some ways this film is a miracle. [Full Review in Spanish]
El antepenúltimo mohicano - 10/10 by Miguel Muñoz GarnicaStop-motion seems, thus, Anderson's natural destiny... with the possibilities of creating a custom-made world offered by the animation, free from reality's annoying interference. [Full review in Spanish]
New Orleans Times-Picayune - 10/10 by Mike ScottWhile Isle of Dogs can be enjoyed simply for its surface pleasures -- its unique story, its singular voice and its gorgeous animation -- there are elements there that will appeal to those who want to dig deeper. That includes an argument in favor of an aggressive and adversarial press, as well as a fairly glaring distrust of government.
IGN - 10/10 by William BibbianiOne of Wes Anderson’s best movies, an imaginative and amusing travelogue through incredible settings, populated by wonderful characters, with a lot of heart and even a little insight. You can feel the love radiating off of this movie, like a hug from your own beloved pet.
The Associated Press - 10/10 by Lindsey BahrThat Anderson can still excitingly tell a new story within the structure of his unique visual language that we’ve gotten to know so well is just a testament to his incandescent genius. We don’t deserve Wes Anderson, but we should be eternally grateful he doesn’t seem to mind.
Sensacine - 10/10 by Alejandro G. Calvo[Wes] Anderson's characters manage to connect directly with the viewer. [Full Review in Spanish]

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