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Barbara Thorson struggles through life by escaping into a fantasy life of magic and monsters.... (Full plot summary below)

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Barbara Thorson struggles through life by escaping into a fantasy life of magic and monsters.

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The New York Times - 9/10 by Jeannette CatsoulisMagical, subtle, sensitive and touching, I Kill Giants is everything the bombastic “A Wrinkle in Time” is not.
Flick Filosopher - 9/10 by MaryAnn JohansonA movie as thrillingly weird as its protagonist. We are totally enrapt by the wonder and the terror of her imagination, and the power of it to create joy and solace.
Cinemalogue - 9/10 by Todd JorgensonThis coming-of-age drama could use a lighter touch while targeting its mix of fantasy and reality at teenagers.
The List - 8/10 by Nikki BaughanIt is star Wolfe, in her first lead role, who really drives the narrative, her exceptional performance running the gamut from fearless warrior to heartbreaking vulnerability as the film reveals itself.
FILMINK (Australia) - 8/10 by Jarrod Walker...a sweetly intentioned film, beautifully shot and with a strong lead performance from Madison Wolfe...
Starburst - 8/10 by Ed FortuneI Kill Giants isn't really about giants. It is about loss and growing up, and that's something that we can all relate to.
Birth.Movies.Death. - 8/10 by Jacob KnightThis fantastical graphic novel adaptation feels vaguely familiar, but is still impressive in its own ways.
Film Inquiry - 8/10 by David FontanaThough grounded by a strong presence in the young Madison Wolfe, it is often too dreary to be truly engaging, and too underrealized to be an immersive escape into a fantastical world.
Movie Boeuf - 8/10 by David N. ButterworthMostly successful due to Madison Wolfe's committed performance in the lead and director Anders Walter's sensitive handling of the difficult themes.
Movies4Kids - 8/10 by Jo BerryMadison Wolfe gives a stunning central performance as the wounded, scared and angry outcast

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