House on Haunted Hill
House on Haunted Hill

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An amusement park mogul offers a group of diverse people $1,000,000 to spend the night in a haunted house with a horrifying past.... (Full plot summary below)

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An amusement park mogul offers a group of diverse people $1,000,000 to spend the night in a haunted house with a horrifying past.

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Movie Reviews

Entertainment Weekly - 7/10 by Owen Gleiberman Trash, but always just a little creepier than you expect. - 6/10 by Tom Keogh The effects never really get ahead of the characters or the script's layered personality.
San Francisco Chronicle - 5/10 by Mick LaSalle The kind of horror movie that's not a bit scary and quite a bit gross.
TV Guide Magazine - 4/10 by Maitland McDonagh For horror fans in a forgiving mood, it's an adequate fear fix.
Chicago Tribune - 4/10 by John Petrakis Contains too little of the original's campy spirit and too many whistles, bells, explosions and screams.
New York Post - 3/10 by Lou Lumenick Soon enough, it becomes clear how much this movie disrespects both the audience and the genre.
The New York Times - 1/10 by Lawrence Van Gelder All the special effects in the world cannot compensate for an inability to generate tension, establish and sustain pace or create any character whose survival is worth rooting for. - 0/10 by Sarah Beach I would rather feed Jesse Helms a rancid peanut butter sandwich, and then have him slowly lick my face off, than sit through House on Haunted Hill again.
User Review - 7/10 by Rox22 A fairly good Popcorn horror flick. It's no masterpiece and nowhere near as good as the original. On its own, it is highly entertaining with some masterful & memorable performances by Geoffrey Rush & Famke Janssen. A shame about the the ending as the CG effects are unconvincing and kind of ruin the flow of the narrative up to that point. Practical effects would have been far better in this instance as it worked really well for the rest of the film. Overall: A great movie to watch with a bowl of popcorn at home on a dark and stormy night.
User Review - 3/10 by FitriAmirrol The horrors of Haunted Hill might have worked for children, but sadly the true horror here is how ridiculous, rickety and perplexing the twist is, and despite the successful, seductive performance by Janssen, this gothic B-movie is a nauseating waste of time.
User Review - 0/10 by Paramilitary400 House on Haunted Hill is one of the dumbest thrillers from 1999. The movie intends it's thrills to be creepy and jolting but all the thrills fall flat. Even the acting form Janssen and Rush couldn't save this movie and they are outstanding actors. Both those actors were miscast in this movie though because they don't star in horror movies. Why they wanted to star in a horror movie, I'll never know why. The only reason I can imagine that they starred in this movie is that they were desperate for a check and had no projects at the time.

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