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House of Bones

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Corin Nemec (Mansquito, SS Doomtrooper) co-stars alongside Carpenter as TV ghost hunters that enter a reportedly haunted house that may prove to be the death of them.... (Full plot summary below)

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Corin Nemec (Mansquito, SS Doomtrooper) co-stars alongside Carpenter as TV ghost hunters that enter a reportedly haunted house that may prove to be the death of them.

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Village Voice - 7/10 by Nick PinkertonWorking from a story by all-around genre specialist Jonathan Mostow, director Mark Tonderai steers the story cleanly around its queasy hairpin turns, perversely toying with one of pop cinema's most cherished clichés: the audience's inculcated desire to side with the underdog.
The A.V. Club - 6/10 by Scott TobiasWorking from a solid template is only half the battle; the other half is filling in the details, and it's here that The House At The End Of The Street goes flat and generic, substituting jump-scares and visual twitchiness for the psychological complexity that might have sold the horror.
New York Post - 5/10 by Sara StewartYes, there are the requisite jump-in-your-seat scares, many of them false alarms, and it all plays out basically exactly like any other horror movie, but Lawrence does elevate the proceedings.
The Hollywood Reporter - 5/10 by David RooneyDespite an intriguing setup, sharply drawn central characters and a lead performance from the luminous Jennifer Lawrence that elevates the material a few notches, House at the End of the Street is a by-the-book horror thriller that's low on scares and suspense.
Boxoffice Magazine - 5/10 by Pete HammondThis PG-13 scare-fest is more psychological terror than blood and guts, and should satisfy-not repulse-young genre fans.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - 5/10 by Rick GroenI doubt that Lawrence is conscious of this process. Nevertheless, stuck in a dull commercial feature, a very good actor happens upon a new solution to an age-old problem: She improves the script by transcending it, and steals the picture by abandoning it.
Washington Post - 4/10 by Mark JenkinsMost of the comedy, however, is unintentional. House At The End of the Street may not draw much of an audience during its initial run, but the movie's preposterousness certifies it for future midnight screenings, where the story will get the jeering it deserves.
New York Daily News - 4/10 by Elizabeth WeitzmanWe will simply be grateful she (Lawrence) is here, and thus able to turn generic junk into mildly interesting junk.
Total Film - 4/10 by Neil SmithSadly, any hopes Mark Tonderai's US follow-up to 2008's "Hush" could have some "Cabin In The Woods"-style surprises up its sleeve are swiftly dashed as its talented lead is reduced to being just another scantily clad babe getting stalked by a psycho.
Empire - 4/10 by Kim NewmanA few old favourites – like the inconveniently wonky torch and the probably-not-quite-killed maniac – deliver the required jolts, but early promise dwindles to hokum.

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