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Hell's Ground

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On their way to a concert, a group of teens are diverted by a political protest, only to encounter a family of flesh-hungry psychopaths.... (Full plot summary below)

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On their way to a concert, a group of teens are diverted by a political protest, only to encounter a family of flesh-hungry psychopaths.

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Los Angeles Times - 8/10 by Kevin ThomasThe idea is that the guys' adventure proves transformative, but Tucker's dramatic I've-seen-the-light speech is charged with just the right degree of glibness to leave one skeptical.
Entertainment Weekly - 8/10 by Owen GleibermanThe film is consistently fun, and Tucker's comeuppance ? will leave you gasping (if not gagging) with laughter.
Variety - 7/10 by Ronnie ScheibDistinguishes itself from such last-fling-before-the-wedding comedies as "The Hangover" with the grittiness of its Texas locales and the smug intelligence of its unapologetically narcissistic protagonist.
The A.V. Club - 4/10 by Tasha RobinsonTucker Max’s only real strengths are his outrageousness and his uncompromising self-confidence, but neither comes into play in this punch-pulling, frankly boring film.
Boston Globe - 4/10 by Ty BurrSlightly better than it should be. For Tucker Max, this possibly represents a triumph.
The New York Times - 4/10 by Stephen HoldenA mediocre gross-out movie that barely pushes the envelope.
USA Today - 3/10 by Claudia PuigThis unfunny, über-misogynistic adaptation of Tucker Max's audacious best-seller of the same name is unlikely to please anyone.
San Francisco Chronicle - 3/10 by Justin BertonIf Max and his "Hell" collaborators feel stymied by the summer hit "The Hangover," they'd be justified to scream to the bromance gods that someone stole their film's concept. But those guys did it the right way, bro.
Austin Chronicle - 3/10 by Marc SavlovIt's not a total wipeout: Czuchry embodies the Tucker Max(-ims) to a self-obsessed fault, and there are moments of rough comic brilliance scattered throughout, but really, this particular antihero is all anti- and zero hero.
Village Voice - 1/10 by Vadim RizovVisually incompetent to a painful extreme and almost never funny, but, worst of all, it doesn't have the courage of Max's unadulterated convictions. If you're going to offend the easily offended, at least go big.

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