Happy End
Happy End

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  • Released: 2017
  • Runtime: 110 mins
  • Director: Michael Haneke
  • Studio: ARTE France Cinéma
  • Genres: Drama

A drama about a family set in Calais with the European refugee crisis as the backdrop.... (Full plot summary below)

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Full Plot Details

A drama about a family set in Calais with the European refugee crisis as the backdrop.

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Movie Reviews

Hollywood Reporter - 10/10 by Deborah Young There seems to be something missing here.
Financial Times - 10/10 by Raphael Abraham To say that the film lacks a clear focus would be true enough but this, surely, is Haneke's very point.
Variety - 10/10 by Peter Debruge It's as if the director has tied up loose ends from his earlier films, while forcing us to re-examine issues that have only grown more dire since he first brought them to our attention.
London Evening Standard - 10/10 by David Sexton Haneke brings to this horrific melée his own icy humour and formal clarity: he is the Vermeer of alienation.
El antepenúltimo mohicano - 10/10 by Alberto Sáez Villarino What really scandalous of it lies in the naturalism of its content and the simplicity of the events and the actions. [Full review in Spanish]
Butaca Ancha - 10/10 by JJ Negrete One of the director's least successful works and perhaps the weakest. [Full review in Spanish]
Globe and Mail - 10/10 by Kate Taylor An exceedingly clever, thought-provoking and dark reflection on life, death and family relations
Guardian - 10/10 by Peter Bradshaw Happy End is a satirical nightmare of haute-bourgeois European prosperity: as stark, brilliant and unforgiving as a halogen light.
El Mundo (Spain) - 10/10 by Luis Martínez A vocationally cold and abstract film that walks in the eye like the lugubrious and devilish cantata of, in fact, the end. [Full review in Spanish]
Fresh Fiction - 9/10 by Courtney Howard Whatever [Haneke] intended to express winds up as an aimless, pointless waste of time and resources.
Paste Magazine - 9/10 by Tim Grierson "Happy End" isn't a movie full of forceful shocks -- rather, there's a slithering dread from the start, Haneke always hinting at evil deeds about to transpire.
AV Club - 9/10 by A.A. Dowd Without a fresh master thesis, all we're basically watching here is the director go back to the well of bourgeois critique, rehashing ideas he's better explored elsewhere.

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Happy End