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The neighboring gardens of Montague and Capulet are at war, but the gnomes, Gnomeo and Juliet, are in love.... (Full plot summary below)

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The neighboring gardens of Montague and Capulet are at war, but the gnomes, Gnomeo and Juliet, are in love.

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Movie Reviews

IGN Movies - 9/10 by Jim VejvodaWhile the gimmick of sending up Shakespeare may be lost on kids -- who will enjoy the movie's colorful palette, silly characters and overall cuteness -- older and more literate viewers will appreciate the satirical bits peppered throughout the film.
One Guy's Opinion - 9/10 by Frank SwietekOffhand you might imagine that doing an animated version of 'Romeo and Juliet' with the characters played by lawn gnomes...would be a terrible idea. Now you have unassailable proof that you'd be right.
New York Times - 9/10 by Stephen HoldenThere is some fun to be found in this goofy riff on Shakespeare. - 9/10 by Sean Axmaker... shenanigans play out to a score of classic Elton John songs (and two new ones) and a script crammed full of pop-culture references and Shakespeare puns.
Tri-City Herald - 9/10 by Gary WolcottTo go or not to go, that is the question you must ask when considering Gnomeo's third act. It's boring. Acts one & two, however, are hilarious.
Reeling Reviews - 9/10 by Laura CliffordThe film needed a whole lot more of humor relevant to its world.
Boston Herald - 8/10 by James VerniereNot to be confused with Troma's "Tromeo and Juliet" (1996) or anything from Pixar, Disney's "Gnomeo & Juliet" is likely to be the worst gnome movie you see this year.
Entertainment Weekly - 8/10 by Owen GleibermanEvery movie about cuddly dwarf statues in an English garden should have music this big.
AV Club - 8/10 by Tasha RobinsonFar too much of the film is devoted to eye-rolling pop-culture gags and long montages set to recycled Elton John songs.
Variety - 8/10 by Justin ChangA welcome dose of honest silliness at a time when most family-oriented toons settle for smart-alecky.

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