Fathers' Day
Fathers' Day

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A woman cons two old boyfriends into searching for her runaway son by convincing both that they are the boy's father.... (Full plot summary below)

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A woman cons two old boyfriends into searching for her runaway son by convincing both that they are the boy's father.

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Entertainment Weekly - 9/10 by Owen GleibermanI had the disquieting sensation not of seeing two funny men but of watching two comedians from a distant age go through the motions of what they, all evidence to the contrary, still believe to be funny.
CNN.com - 8/10 by Carol BucklandFather's Day has a few laugh-out-loud sequences, but it's nothing to celebrate.
USA Today - 8/10 by Mike ClarkIt's just another Williams and Crystal movie. But let's see a few more.
Washington Post - 8/10 by Desson ThomsonCrystal’s deadpan expressions and one liners interlock perfectly with Williams’s multiple personalities and verbal asides. They’re like basketball all-stars flipping no-look passes, trading slam-dunks and practically chest-bumping each other. Director Ivan Reitman doesn’t have to do more than keep time.
Laramie Movie Scope - 8/10 by Robert RotenFather's Day is a surprisingly mediocre film, considering the great comic talents it has.
Deseret News (Salt Lake City) - 8/10 by Jeff ViceBesides the pedestrian nature of the writing and crudeness of its humor, the film has a huge problem -- its "heroes" are often unsympathetic.
The New York Times - 7/10 by Janet MaslinNot surprisingly, there are some slow patches and formulaic touches, but that's a fair trade for the fun of watching Mr. Williams and Mr. Crystal make an irresistible comic team.
Movie Habit - 6/10 by Marty MapesI did laugh. Williams and Crystal can make almost always make me laugh. But there is nothing in Father's Day that you can't find better somewhere else.
Filmcritic.com - 6/10 by Christopher NullThere's plenty of missed comic opportunities, but plenty that hit dead-on -- especially a notable, heavily-pierced cameo (watch for it!).
New York Daily News - 6/10 by Robert DominguezDespite some laughs, there's not much of a story. But at least Williams and Crystal, old pals off the screen, seem to be enjoying themselves.

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Fathers' Day