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Eighth Grade

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A teenager tries to survive the last week of her disastrous eighth-grade year before leaving to start high school.... (Full plot summary below)

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A teenager tries to survive the last week of her disastrous eighth-grade year before leaving to start high school.

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Movie Reviews

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 10/10 by Maria SciulloThe terrors of Eighth Grade are completely relatable.
Refinery29 - 10/10 by Anne CohenIt's special, and rare, to see such a complex yet understanding and respectful look at a young woman's life.
Bust Magazine - 10/10 by Jenni MillerElsie Fisher carries the movie in a performance that's nuanced and thoughtful.
Film Journal International - 10/10 by Tomris LafflyThis is an astonishing filmmaking debut from Burnham, a renowned comedian as well as a musician—you might secretly wonder how a young male not only captured the point of view of an eighth-grade girl so exactly, but also expressed it with such emotional precision. Whatever the secret formula to his experiential accuracy and unexpectedly inventive directorial eye is, the outcome is a deeply serious coming-of-age film that is only light and charming on the surface.
What the Flick?! - 10/10 by Christy LemireI was just surprised over and over again at how deeply touching it is while seeming effortlessly so.
Little White Lies - 10/10 by Hannah WoodheadMany filmmakers have tried and failed to do what Burnham's achieved in this remarkable debut.
Marie Claire - 10/10 by Esther ZuckermanBrilliantly elicits gulps of horrified recognition as it recreates the experience of that first teenage year... Eighth Grade is also a genuinely lovely story about a young woman not quite finding herself.
NYC Movie Guru - 10/10 by Avi OfferA genuinely warm, tender and wise coming-of-age film that ranks among the great coming-of-age films like Boyhood, Ghost World and The 400 Blows. Elsie Fisher is a revelation.
Entertainment Voice - 10/10 by Alci RengifoEighth Grade brings it all back. Few films can be said to truly capture a generation, this one does.
Screen It! - 10/10 by Jim JudyIt's a fairly compelling slice of life examination. (Full Content Review for Parents - Profanity, Sexual Content, etc. - also Available)

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