Doctor Who: Castrovalva
Doctor Who: Castrovalva

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User Review - 6/10 by Connor SNot the best opening story for a Doctor but from what came during Baker's and McCoy's seasons it is a good opener.
User Review - 6/10 by Tim LNot the best Dr. Who serial, but not bad and worth watching, with some really good scenes. I particularly liked the scene in which Davidson, struggling to regenerate into the Doctor's 5th form, takes on the personalities of the previous 4 Doctors, doing a funny impression of each. The Master is the main foe in this, and I struggled to take to him; being much more a fan of the recent work by John Sim. Instead of the great backstory that made John's Master much more believable and deep as a characer, Anthony Ainley's Master, whilst effective, is more akin to a pantomime villian or something from a 1950's adventure series (such as Flash Gordon or Robin Hood). Production-wise it reminded me of the excellent Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy T.V series, which isn't surprising I suppose, considering that Douglas Adams was involved with the series at the time. Not awful by any means, but not one of the best either.
User Review - 4/10 by Kirk ENice to see a new Doctor, but he is ill served by this confused and plodding serial.

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