Digimon: The Movie
Digimon: The Movie

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Three different stories involving digital creatures collide together.... (Full plot summary below)

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Three different stories involving digital creatures collide together.

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Movie Reviews

One Guy's Opinion - 7/10 by Frank SwietekIt's crudely animated and utterly uninteresting.
Common Sense Media - 6/10 by Paul TrandahlIf you love Digimon, here's more. No surprises.
Entertainment Weekly - 6/10 by Bruce FrettsWith its migraine-inducing laser showdowns and puerile gags ... Digimon almost makes you nostalgic for the relative sophistication of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Variety - 6/10 by Robert KoehlerAnimation work is generally far below the standard tolerable for the bigscreen.
New York Times - 6/10 by Lawrence Van GelderIf there is any taste left in the world, the buck may very well stop here.
Greenwich Village Gazette - 5/10 by Eric LurioThe film is strictly for the kiddies, there's not that many grownups who would stand for monsters going at each other yelling Fart POWER!!!!! or whatever it is they're saying.
Citysearch - 4/10 by Mike EmeryPlots are difficult to follow and use the words 'Digi' and 'Mon' to an obnoxious degree.
Jam! Movies - 3/10 by Liz BraunThe fight scenes ... are thrilling, the friendships among the Digidestined children are way cool, and the protective gestures of the older kids toward the younger ones in the movie are probably a good example for all.
TheMovieReport.com - 3/10 by Michael DequinaNothing but an extensive knowledge of the DigiMythos will make the story of this animated feature the slightest bit comprehensible.
User Review - 10/10 by Emi Sits cool the ones who havent seen it must its pretty cool

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