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The warrior Deathstalker is tasked by an old witch lady to obtain and unite the three powers of creation - a chalice, an amulet, and a sword - lest the evil magician Munkar get them and use...... (Full plot summary below)

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The warrior Deathstalker is tasked by an old witch lady to obtain and unite the three powers of creation - a chalice, an amulet, and a sword - lest the evil magician Munkar get them and use...

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User Review - 10/10 by Ryan B Those are five stars on the garbage meter. this movie is awesome and hilarious. And gross...
User Review - 8/10 by Senor C jedan od onih filmova koji su tolko bedasti da su dobri!Radnja se odvija u nekom fantasy svijetu gdje zene ne pokrivaju sise, a svaka cije su i pokrivene ce brzo ispast i gdje su plavokosi nauljeni misicavi tipovi s fudbalerkama glavni heroji i brutalci, a ne ko danas pizdeki koji sviraju u Manowar-u(HAHAHAHA!).Jos jedan klasik za peder-balove i pijanke, iako nije dobar ko SS HellCamp ali je vrlo blizu :)
User Review - 6/10 by Chad H Ever since I got in trouble for drawing a picture of a scene from this film when I was a kid, this has been a guilty pleasure of mine.
User Review - 6/10 by Shawn W Warriors enter a tournament to decide the heir to magician King Oghris, who plans to kill Deathstalker to prevent him from uniting the three powers of creation - his sword, an amulet and a chalice. Lana Clarkson is slayed too early for my liking.
User Review - 6/10 by Peter K Cheesy. Very Cheesy. Swords, sorcery and naked women. What else do you need in a movie?
User Review - 4/10 by kevin k lots of boobies and swords and magic and bad dialog and good times had by all and in "all" i mean a select group of people who were kids growing up in the 80s renting this to see half naked women fight monsters and kick ass
User Review - 2/10 by Boris v I heard about this movie trough the site 'cinemassacre'. The guy who manages that webpage had a hate/love relation with this movie. It is so stupid that it is enjoyable. Deathstalker is a movie about a 'hero'. Well, our hero is nothing but a bad-acting raping killing barbarian but somehow he should be the good guy. You follow his quest to reunite three artifacts with which he can become 'the power' and defeat some evil socerer. If you think this story sounds cliché: this is only the beginning. The actor is so lame it is funny. He has no facial expressions whatsoever (except for a suprised/schocked when he finds out he has raped a male guard that has been turned into a woman). Halfway he meets a friend, which you won't get to know. They go to a party of the evil magician, rape some woman, drink and have fun. Yes, his friend is supposed to be a funny type but he is motherfucker too: he is laughing amused at the party where women get raped and men get slaughtered. It is supposed to be funny but it just isn't. And that makes it funny, do you get me? The special effects are the worst I've ever seen, the acting is terrible, the story is shit, the costumes are fake, there's no moral and there's no reason why the hero should be called a hero. Put this together and you get an unintended comedy. Enjoyable but one of the worst movies ever.
User Review - 2/10 by Sarah F Haven't seen this movie in years! It's a Conan the Barabarian knock-off that offers some sub-par sets and that's about it. The action scenes are crap, the acting is crap, the plot is crap, the *fill in the blank* is crap. You get the picture. Oddly enough I've seen up to part four of this series. The only one that is worth checking out is part two because it's funny and has some of the best end credits ever in a movie. This one, however is not part two and is crap (although part 4 makes this one look ten times better.)

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