Bhoothnath Returns
Bhoothnath Returns

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A ghost returns back from his world to prove something. But on earth, he has something more to do for his country.... (Full plot summary below)

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Full Plot Details

A ghost returns back from his world to prove something. But on earth, he has something more to do for his country.

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Digital Spy - 6/10 by Priya JoshiThe film is not without its flaws, but with their charming banter and their innocent skirmishes, the joyful double act of Bachchan and Bhalerao make this a happy haunting.
Reuters - 6/10 by Shilpa JamkhandikarThere are plenty of simplistic solutions to problems; long, rambling speeches; and lingering shots of kids living in poverty -- which leads to the film often over-stating its point. But thanks to the two main leads, you might forgive these flaws.
User Review - 10/10 by Dinesh PCorruption a big menace in India. And Indian Politics is bereft with corrupt politicians. This film takes a satirical pot shot at this state of India by proposing the idea that even a good hearted ghost is better alternative than the corrupt politician. It also urges the people to come out and vote for the right candidate a right message especially since India is on verge of polls this week. Some great acting by Mr. Bachchan and child artiste Parth. A film worth watching.
User Review - 6/10 by Zahid CDay: Thursday Date: 31 Jul 2014 Time: 10.30 pm With: Noone On: HDTV
User Review - 6/10 by Aneesh KLogically plotted, well-crafted, Comedy-drama movie.
User Review - 6/10 by Venetia DAn entertaining sequel with a focus on poll compaigns and corrupt politicians. Sweet moments and albeit draggy at times.
User Review - 4/10 by Anna BA standard fare with little surprises and too many holes. One knew the story simply from the blurb. As a result, the movie needed those heart-warming moments to engage the viewers. Unfortunately, they dont exist much.
User Review - 4/10 by familiar sWhy Amitabh Why would you do a film like this
User Review - 4/10 by Mayank Fan idea needs time to grow. Rushing into something is how you waste a great cast (except the kid. God, the kid can't act). an extra star for Yo-yo honey singh.

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Bhoothnath Returns