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A colorful array of characters compete at a national dog show.... (Full plot summary below)

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A colorful array of characters compete at a national dog show.

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The Film Yap - 10/10 by Nick RogersThe real pedigree doesn't even arrive until halfway through. Fred Willard's unforgettable dim-bulb commentator takes aim at TV's injection of "sports drama" into competitions where, quite simply, there is none. (Here's looking at you, Joe Garagiola.)
Cinema em Cena - 10/10 by Pablo VillaçaGuest e sua trupe sempre conseguem divertir com seus mockumentaries, mas este longa, ainda que pontualmente brilhante, encontra-se entre os mais frágeis da filmografia atípica do cineasta.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - 10/10 by William ArnoldNo one does this genre better than actor-writer-director Christopher Guest.
Creative Loafing - 9/10 by Matt BrunsonThe first 45 minutes are amusing enough, but the movie ascends to another level with the second-half introduction of Fred Willard as commentator Buck Laughlin. - 9/10 by Stephanie ZacharekThe dogs may be cute, but it's the people who steal the show.
New York Post - 9/10 by Lou LumenickIf this new film doesn't quite go to 11, it's a healthy 8½.
Jam! Movies - 9/10 by Bob Thompson[Guest] never lets a bad joke get in the way of a good laugh.
Newsweek - 9/10 by David AnsenGuest seems to know just how far he can stretch reality without losing the crucial texture of verisimilitude. This is a comedy even cat lovers might adore.
Slate - 9/10 by David EdelsteinBest in Show has an uproarious wild card in Fred Willard, who plays a hack commentator convinced that he's the most amusing fellow on television
Compuserve - 9/10 by Harvey S. KartenYou're rocking with laughter at the film with the most inventive improvisational dialogue of the year.

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