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Empire - 10/10 by Helen O'HaraA victory lap that moonwalks through the best part of the MCU back catalogue and emphasises emotion as much as action, this is an intensely satisfying piece of blockbuster filmmaking.
Chicago Sun-Times - 10/10 by Richard RoeperI’m not prepared to instantly label Avengers: Endgame as the best of the 23 Marvel Universe movies to date, but it’s a serious contender for the crown and it’s the undisputed champion when it comes to emotional punch.
Washington Post - 10/10 by Michael O'SullivanIf “Infinity War” was about failure, “Endgame” is, ironically, all about acceptance and moving on. After 11 long years, the Infinity Saga is finally, fulfillingly over. There is no post-credit scene. But oh, what a going-away party these old friends have thrown for themselves.
The Guardian - 10/10 by Peter BradshawI have to admit, in all its surreal grandiosity, in all its delirious absurdity, there is a huge sugar rush of excitement to this mighty finale, finally interchanging with euphoric emotion and allowing us to say poignant farewells.
IGN - 10/10 by Laura PrudomAvengers: Endgame is easily the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most ambitious, emotional, and affecting film to date, somehow managing to tie up more than a decade of storytelling in a confident (and mostly coherent) climax - a hurdle that many other blockbuster franchises have stumbled over in their final runs.
Film Threat - 10/10 by Chris GoreMarvel has clearly saved the best for last and I cannot stress how much those fan service moments will have you cheering. I highly recommend that you see Endgame in a packed theater of fans so that you can experience the climactic ending with the energy of the crowd.
The Seattle Times - 9/10 by Moira MacdonaldOh yes indeed. Avengers: Endgame brought it...This film had an insanely difficult job to do — to gracefully and tidily wrap up a 22-movie Marvel Comics cycle with a cast list bigger than the Hulk, and to do so with both poignancy and hold-your-breath action — and it delivers.
Vox - 9/10 by Alex Abad-SantosThe most shocking thing about Avengers: Endgame is that there are several moments within this colossal movie that feel like a Marvel miracle. These are the pockets of time when what you watch on screen sends a shock of joy jumping through your skin, making your eyes go wide and watery at the spectacle.
Paste Magazine - 9/10 by Michael BurginComic book fans know the thrill of following all your favorite characters through a multi-issue storyline that culminates in a “universe at stake” ending. Now, thanks to 21 movies in 11 years and one massive, satisfying three-hour finale, moviegoers do, too.
The Atlantic - 9/10 by David SimsThe film earns its length not by overstuffing the frame with opulent action, but by slowing things down and basking in the charisma of its ensemble.

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