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Ten short pieces directed by ten different directors, including Ken Russell, Jean-Luc Godard, Robert Altman, Bruce Beresford, and Nicolas Roeg. Each short uses an aria as soundtrack/sound (...... (Full plot summary below)

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Ten short pieces directed by ten different directors, including Ken Russell, Jean-Luc Godard, Robert Altman, Bruce Beresford, and Nicolas Roeg. Each short uses an aria as soundtrack/sound (...

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New York Times - 8/10 by Janet MaslinThe best of the 10 segments is, perhaps predictably, the rare one without lofty pretensions.
Spirituality and Practice - 6/10 by Frederic and Mary Ann BrussatAria gives 10 filmmakers a chance to create vignettes set to well-known opera arias.
User Review - 10/10 by Brian PGREAT music n awesome directs, just the perfect match. EVERY short is unique. WATCH it no matter what.
User Review - 10/10 by Brandon SIt starts out mild enough, but in the later parts it becomes so emotionally acute as to seem other worldly. Yet the stories have to do with worldly matters: love, longing, despair, death. Love it!
User Review - 10/10 by Pavandeep SAn amazing masterpiece. Beautiful and entrancing. Each section brought out something unique to the series. The Godard one was spectacular, I was amazed at the way he used his characters to portray ore and the other, some by directors I'm not familiar with, was spectacular as well and the music was magnificent. Aazing shots and beautiful stories.
User Review - 10/10 by Brian CThere are lovely visuals and lots of true emotions, and especially the Bridgette Fonda scene stays with me.
User Review - 10/10 by Paul SIt's difficult to know how to rate this movie since it is really a collection of short films, some great and some awful. I've decided on five stars merely because one of the vignettes in it really is five stars. Having seen many of Derek Jarman's films now, I would rank him as one of the world's most sensitive directors, if not one of the greats. If only he'd lived longer and achieved his potential. His short film in this collection, accompanied by Charpentier's Depuis Le Jour, is not only the best of the bunch, it is probably the best short film I've ever seen. It features an aged prima donna looking back on her life and realizing she had a pretty good time. It was very comforting to me who though not afraid of dying is afraid of aging. The others are a mixed bag. Ken Russell's is much like his other feature films in that it's worth watching but probably not worth while. Franc Roddam's, to Wagner's Liebestod, is nice because it seems somewhat inspired by the opera it's based on. Julien Temple's, too, is inspired by some of the themes in Rigoletto, albeit taking a much lighter tone. In fact Temple's is probably the most avant garde of the bunch as everyone else, upon hearing they should make a short film to aria interpreted it as make an art film, while Temple's is a screwball comedy. Easily the worst of the bunch is Godard's Armide, which I suggest skipping as it takes one idea and extends it interminably. Altman's too is quite a yawner. But I recommend to anyone for the films I've mentioned. And as I say, it should be required viewing for any Jarman fans.
User Review - 10/10 by Meg GGiving some of the best directors their chance to act out their screen fantasies to beautiful arias? The resulting works are phenomenal - and frightening, in some cases, truly dark.
User Review - 8/10 by Michael DBe warned if you dont like Opera then stay well away ,and if you dont want to see Jean Luc Godard make an arse of himself then avoid this too. Godard segement of the film is easily the most boring and goes nowhere where others such as Russells are spellbinding and a treat to watch so in order here is my view on the sequences Nic Roegs-Good start and Having Theresa Russel play a man is a masterstroke. Charles Sturridge- a short black and White gem about kids stealing a car its one of my faves in the whole film Godards- a boring mess and one i could have done with out watching Julien Temples -the Funniest of the films with a good use of steadycam and a Elvis impersonater doing Opera Brue Beresfords - short yes but rather beautiful imagery of quiet cities stunning music Robert Altman- an Interesting experiment that of course wwill divide opinion but Altman always does that its one of his trademakrs Franc Roddams -haunting and tragic love story set in Las Vegas lingers long in the mind afterwards Ken Rusells- amazing visauls from the old troublemaker and my favorite of all the films Derek Jarman- wondefully shot and rather touching with of course the radiant Tilda Swinton. Bill Brydens sequence bridges the whole film and works well. So fron the shite from Godard to the wondeful from Rusell if you want to get in to opera this film works pretty well
User Review - 8/10 by Kirsten FWorth watching for the imagery alone. True, some of the segments are much, much better than the others. But the good ones more than make up for the others. Ken Russell's contribution, in which the protagonist constructs a dreamy alternative reality, is by far the most compelling and probably represents the thesis of the film the best. Each of these films successfully creates a distinct mood, particularly Altman's eerie depiction of an audience of lunatics. As nearly every detractor of this film points out, Godard's body builders are admittedly bizarre. The strength of that segment, however, is revealed by the intense reaction it creates within the viewer. A fun experiment.

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