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Kenneth (who likes to call himself Kay) begins to realise he's just another wannabe bad boy... even less than a loser in fact. After quitting his job at Laimsbury's, Kay vows to become a ...... (Full plot summary below)

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Kenneth (who likes to call himself Kay) begins to realise he's just another wannabe bad boy... even less than a loser in fact. After quitting his job at Laimsbury's, Kay vows to become a ...

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News of the World - 8/10 by Robbie Collin Anuvahood's so funny, I even laughed at Richard Blackwood's bit.
Shadows on the Wall - 5/10 by Rich Cline The characters' non-stop chatter, much of which is shouted at top volume, wears us out within the first five minutes.
Little White Lies - 4/10 by Dominic Radcliffe A solid effort from Adam Deacon but not really enough to light up the concrete.
Variety - 4/10 by Charles Gant Gifted comic actor Deacon proves a genial central presence, which is just as well since the screenplay, co-scripted with Michael Vu (here playing a fellow gang member), doesn't quite deliver.
What Culture - 2/10 by Shaun Munro Most peculiar of all are the film's genuinely violent interludes, which unexpectedly shift the tone and stifle the comedy, and boy, this is one film that doesn't need any help being unfunny.
Guardian - 2/10 by Phelim O'Neill It's really just a torrent of age-old gags and clumsy, pointless situations dressed up with street slang.
Scotsman - 2/10 by Alistair Harkness The know-your-limits message clearly went unheeded by all involved in making the film.
Daily Mirror (UK) - 2/10 by David Edwards Sadly, there's little to like here with the comedy plain unfunny and the violence jarring with the satirical tone.
ViewLondon - 2/10 by Matthew Turner Disappointing British comedy that's let down by highly irritating characters, a seen-it-all-before plot and a shift in tone that's both jarring and unnecessary.
User Review - 8/10 by ashleigh v Summery: The film is based on a Kenneth (Adam Deacon) wants to break out from his boring job and stifling lifestyle to realise his dream of becoming a top MC, but his friends and family have other ideas. Like: it?s a decent film it?s funny. Dislike: that it could have more action in it.
User Review - 4/10 by Jamie C Grade:Low 4/10 Anuvahood is an urban film which is meant to be a comedy but completely misses the marks it set's itself and then becomes a juvenile effort at being a drama. Set in London somewhere it is also a crime drama and even trying at that seems under average and poor, but let me tell you more thoroughly why it is a very poor and under average movie. The story is not the worst I have ever seen but because it is a comedy film it makes the story seem stupid and the characters are also really silly. It moves at a fast enough pace for you to get through it and not be completely bored but by the end you feel you have wasted some of life watching this, but still go ahead and watch it, I am sure someone may like it. Finally on the story it is not dramatic either and fails to dramatise anything, well actually it is badly dramatic probably describes it better. Adam Deacon can be a fine actor and usually we see him urban roles but in this he fails and although he is not too bad in this film, the story ruins any chance of anyone in this doing well at acting. I found some of the supporting cast boring and as if they have been plucked from an over dramatic soap, also the villain is ridiculous who although acted well in the comedy role was not funny himself and ruins again any chance of humour, just plain average acting overall. I hated the script and is the biggest reason I didn't enjoy this film with it's stupid lines that are meant to be humour and when you finally think a thrilling part is coming out it turns out to be bad humour. In all the mess I enjoyed some of the sets they used for fights and running scenes which actually worked well with what was going on in this Urban setting. Finally Directing was superbly average and not the worst thing by a long shot, but not good either. The only truly positive thing from this film was the more emotional part of the film where Kay played by Adam Deacon is sad to hear his family have no money and the emotion the family give off is also sad because you can see they want there son to help but he is too greedy with his own money to give it over. Other than the emotional part not much else to say at all in positivity. I think people may like it if they have seen films like Kidulthood or Adulthood but it has more cheek like Kidulthood and of course Deacon features in these and in comedy type role in both. I am also sure someone will find it funny because I have seen worse films that people like also so it would be no surprise to see someone excited and thrilled by this. Overall it is Very Poor if not a wholly Bad movie coming in at a rating of low 4/10 ,to be fair it is a strong one of that, but goes down due to what I said. I think it is far from the worst film ever and parts are enjoyable I guess like the beginning so just watch it for yourself and see what you think about it all, it may have damaged the London Urban film market but that market of films can produce some fantastic pieces as well.
User Review - 4/10 by gary t wow ummmn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a weird moving 2 watch......i think that adam deacon, femi oyeniran, ollie barbieri, bhasker patel, richard blackwood, play good roles/parts throughout this movie......i think that the director of this art house/international/comedy movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie.......i was not sure what 2 expect when i watched this movie sometimes its quite funny but sometimes its pointless 2 watch.......i think that the fight scene throughout this movie was pretty good in this movie.....i think that this could have been done much better than it was sometimes it can be pretty funny but its just trying to hard to be funny.......i think that the soundtrack was alright in this movie.....its nothing special 2 watch.....some of this movie is quite funny but its nothing special to watch i think that the fight scene was pretty funny in this movie.....i think that this is an ok movie 2 watch its nothing special 2 watch it could have been made much better than it was but its nothing special at all 2 watch its an ok movie 2 watch but nothing special 2 watch

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