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A biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition into a mysterious zone where the laws of nature don't apply.... (Full plot summary below)

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A biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition into a mysterious zone where the laws of nature don't apply.

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Movie Reviews

Empire - 10/10 by Jonathan PileDrawing on mythology and body horror, Annihilation is an intelligent film that asks big questions and refuses to provide easy answers. Sci-fi at its best.
Chicago Sun-Times - 10/10 by Richard Roeper"Annihilation" becomes ever more trippy and challenging - and thus ever more interesting.
The Playlist - 10/10 by Rodrigo PerezAnnihilation is mesmerizing and its awe-inspiring conclusion will leave your mind blown and splattered against the wall. In its final, surreal biopsychological moments the movie goes to an astonishing interstellar gear.
Uproxx - 10/10 by Vince ManciniIt proudly exists on a visceral, sub-verbal level; that’s part of the magic of it. It’s a movie that’s easy to spoil and hard to describe, where mystery is most of the point and interpretation tends to cheapen. Which is to say: just go see it. - 10/10 by David KeyesHere is a movie so thoroughly realized, so utterly entrenched in the harrowing ordeals of its characters, that their struggles touch on the very nervous system of our need to endure.
Aisle Seat - 10/10 by Mike McGranaghanA challenging sci-fi masterpiece that demands multiple viewings.
Sacramento News & Review - 10/10 by Daniel BarnesOnce again, Garland offers a provocative and reflective take on the apocalypse, with better-than-blockbuster special effects realized on a relatively low budget.
Daily Telegraph (UK) - 10/10 by Tim RobeyPortman's high-tension acting, her inability to relax, suits the material down to the ground. It's one of her best performances ...
GQ Magazine [UK] - 10/10 by Jonathan DeanA film this meticulous and poignant will have a life of its own, because it is about life itself.
Playboy Online - 10/10 by Stephen RebelloUnlike most simplistic, tidy, instantly disposable Hollywood sci-fi fare, this one doesn't spoon-feed. It Kubricks us.

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