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Chicago Sun-Times - 8/10 by Richard RoeperAn Acceptable Loss is a B-movie with some A-level acting, particularly by Tika Sumpter.
Slant Magazine - 6/10 by Derek SmithWriter-director Joe Chappelle’s An Acceptable Loss is a B movie with a morally urgent message.
The New York Times - 4/10 by Teo BugbeeFor a political thriller to come up with a scheme that feels genuinely rousing, An Acceptable Loss would need the two qualities it most severely lacks: style and substance.
Los Angeles Times - 4/10 by Michael RechtshaffenThere’s the kernel of an intriguing political thriller buried beneath all the strained exposition and pompous speechifying enveloping An Acceptable Loss, but writer-director Joe Chappelle never manages to find it.
The New Yorker - 4/10 by Anthony LaneIn short, it’s up to Curtis to rescue the film. She’s meant to be the villain, but her lines, even the motley ones (“The stars aligned, we slayed the dragon, and we won”), are delivered with such a delectable thwack that I kept forgetting to boo.
Movie Nation - 4/10 by Roger MooreAn Acceptable Risk is “Scandal” with less sex and fewer fireworks. Almost no fireworks, to be honest. - 4/10 by Tomris LafflyWhile Chappelle neatly outlines the tragic events caused by his spiritually bruised protagonist, it’s hard to stay engaged with his philosophical query that divides arguments into distinct rights and wrongs early on, and only asks shallow questions.
Arizona Republic - 3/10 by Samantha IncorvaiaPeople who love thrillers without question may find a lot to enjoy here. For a political thriller, it's not one of the most cerebral out there. Those who simply love Curtis and Sumpter might also like the film. But other than those perks, audiences are better off saving their money.
The Hollywood Reporter - 3/10 by Frank ScheckThis talky, ham-fisted effort proves particularly disappointing because it should have been much better than it is.
Film Threat - 3/10 by Chuck FosterWhat could have explored the real complexities behind a serious issue instead became a self-congratulatory pat on the back for holding a specific viewpoint, and a boring one at that.

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