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A workaholic father who attempts to visit his daughter during a layover in LA, only to discover that she's disappeared, is forced to team up with her awkward ex-boyfriend to find her over the course of one transformative night.... (Full plot summary below)

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A workaholic father who attempts to visit his daughter during a layover in LA, only to discover that she's disappeared, is forced to team up with her awkward ex-boyfriend to find her over the course of one transformative night.

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Los Angeles Times - 5/10 by Katie WalshIt’s all feather-light, low-stakes stuff where it’s about the journey not the destination, and not judging a book by its cover. It skates by on the charisma of its stars but evaporates on contact.
Austin Chronicle - 4/10 by Marc SavlovAll Nighter feels way too much like its own title, a soporific exercise in style over substance.
Variety - 4/10 by Geoff BerkshireThe part may be tailor-made for Simmons’ no-nonsense persona, and his performance reliably rock solid, but the bland execution of director Gavin Wiesen and the uninspired scripting of Seth Owen have no comic zing.
Observer - 3/10 by Rex ReedAll Nighter is an alleged comedy that doesn’t know how to be funny. But at 80 minutes long, it does know how to be merciful.
User Review - 6/10 by KaptenVideoA workaholic father (J.K. Simmons) discovers that his daugther has disappeared, is forced to team up with her awkward ex (Emile Hirsch) to find her over the course of one colorful night. This is probably the highest score you will see in any review for the new comedy „All Nighter“ because it’s not special or anything… but I liked it. It’s basically just another genre movie for those who just can’t get enough of „Hangover“ type of „one crazy night“ comedies, last seen as „Office Christmas Party“ if memory serves me right. Compared to many usual raunchy comedies, there’s no large colorful cast with famous faces cameo-ing at unexpected places. It’s mostly two leading men driving around, meeting a bunch of comic relief characters ready to out-embarrass themselves and each other. But the reliefs are mostly hits rather than misses (Jon Daly, Taran Killam, the-ever reliable Kristen Schaal from „Flight of the Conchords“). Also, Simmons and Hirsch men are good carrying out the buddy comedy part with their strict and authoritative older man / lost younger stoner type schticks. Simmons is at the center of the movie, and deservedly so, because he’s offering his usual gold grade-A standard work, managing to wring the most out of even character so shallow and one-note as this must have been on paper. He can bring funny, he can bring heartfelt, he can bring cool… every nuance of his performance is just joy to witness. Love him! Think of it as kind of his one man show, if you need another reason to watch it. Yes, it’s all been done to death before and the screenplay is actually mediocre. But the result carries itself well enough, comic timing seems spot on across the board, and it ends soon enough, in 86 minutes. I liked the characters, I liked the performers, I was amused and had a couple of good laughs – I would not say this about every „one crazy night“ comedy I’ve seen.
User Review - 5/10 by LeZeeAn unusual combo to hunt for a missing woman! The same old formula, but they had tried to give something new out of it. It did not succeed, though I felt it was a decent film. It was a day tale, everything happens in just one day and night, except the opening and the end parts. So this is the story a young lazy man and his ex girlfriend's rich father, joins hands to find her who was not responding to the calls and texts. The worried father, alongside her ex goes for an adventure, where they meet many unexpected things and people and overcome it to get what they are looking for. The story was boring, but the cast was good and so the pace of the narration. Less than 90 minutes, its a non-stop entertainer. Not everybody would think it is a best or at least a decent film. Because there's no story, everything's a series of event like an adventure documentary. JK Simmons was so good. 'Whiplash' unleashed his capacity and now at least with a role like in this, he's shining. Yeah, this film is for him if you want to watch it. Tipton looked sexy, but she was like appeared only for 3-4 minutes in the entire film. Definitely worth a watch, but not a must see.
User Review - 5/10 by iCronicNot really funny& tons of cliches and the only thing that prevents this film from being bad is the cast- Some very talented people in here.

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