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  • Released: 1997
  • Runtime: 114 mins
  • Director: Paul Schrader
  • Studio: Lions Gate Films
  • Genres: Drama

A deeply troubled small town cop investigates a suspicious hunting death while events occur that cause him to mentally disintergrate.... (Full plot summary below)

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Full Plot Details

A deeply troubled small town cop investigates a suspicious hunting death while events occur that cause him to mentally disintergrate.

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Movie Reviews

NutzWorld - 10/10 by Blake French takes itself seriously and has no pity, regrets, or agreements - 10/10 by Dustin Putman Such an angry and bitter motion picture that you can almost physically feel the emotional coldness that is brewing under the surface.
Ozus' World Movie Reviews - 9/10 by Dennis Schwartz Living in a small New England town myself, I can attest to how uncannily realistic the town and the people in it appeared to be.
Internet Reviews - 9/10 by Steve Rhodes Better bring an extra wrap with you to Affliction, as the snowy New Hampshire landscapes and the chilling story will likely send some shivers up your spine.
Q Network Film Desk - 9/10 by James Kendrick a powerful, bleak family drama about a son's tragic inability to not become his father
Nitrate Online - 9/10 by Elias Savada If you want a personal, compelling tale with a touch of intrigue, let Affliction haunt you for a couple of hours.
Combustible Celluloid - 9/10 by Jeffrey M. Anderson A terrifying movie that faces the truth of cruelty and its everlasting results.
Stream on Demand - 9/10 by Sean Axmaker It's like watching the disintegration of a psyche under a microscope as cracks in Wade's facade erupt into tremors of violence. - 8/10 by David N. Butterworth af.flic.tion \a'flik-shen\ n 1 : the state of being afflicted 2 a : the cause of persistent pain or distress b : great suffering
City Pages, Minneapolis/St. Paul - 8/10 by Rob Nelson Nolte could have based his oddly sympathetic performance on the image of a sick animal scrounging for food and shelter along deserted country roads. - 8/10 by Michael Dequina The powerful performances by Nolte and Coburn make the film well worth a look, even if they are part of a less-than-developed whole.
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 8/10 by Philip Martin Affliction is a shattering film, a dose of bracing naturalism based on Russell Banks' most lacerating novel.

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