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Sparks fly in Glasgow's south side when a young Asian man enters into a relationship with a Caucasian woman.... (Full plot summary below)

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Sparks fly in Glasgow's south side when a young Asian man enters into a relationship with a Caucasian woman.

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Los Angeles Times - 8/10 by Kevin Thomas All of Loach's formidable strengths, which include a sense of humor, come together in the wrenching A Fond Kiss.
The New York Times - 8/10 by Stephen Holden For the most part, Paul Laverty's screenplay and the strong, naturalistic performances lend it a specificity that sets it apart.
L.A. Weekly - 7/10 by Chuck Wilson Gradually, and with a kind of inquisitive generosity, the filmmaker's scope expands to take in Casim's parents and two sisters, whose public shame and private despair at having the only son move in with a “goree” - a white girl - is made palpably, wrenchingly real.
TV Guide Magazine - 7/10 by Ken Fox The film is beautifully told and superbly acted. More importantly, Paul Laverty's screenplay goes along way toward showing how the traditionalism that can turn a community inward on itself is often a response to racism, and in that sense the film's timing couldn't have been any better.
Village Voice - 6/10 by Dennis Lim Despite the agreeable lead performances, it's one of Loach's more forgettable films.
The Hollywood Reporter - 5/10 by Kirk Honeycutt Things are too predictable. Perhaps the viewpoint is to blame.
Variety - 4/10 by Leslie Felperin The flatness of several of the key performances badly lets down this promising material.
User Review - 10/10 by Lone Absolutely fantastic. Pure and beautiful. For once a serious approach on the subject. "Nice" catholic priest turning Christianity into a law religion. Formidable players from high to low.
User Review - 8/10 by AndrewK. Very mainstream for a Ken Loach film - and the male lead was not very convincing - but overall it's an entertaining romantic drama with a twist.

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