Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer
Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer

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Arthur Lyle miraculously discovers the secret to stopping an evil dragon named Lord Darksmoke who threatens to destroy all civilization.... (Full plot summary below)

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Full Plot Details

Arthur Lyle miraculously discovers the secret to stopping an evil dragon named Lord Darksmoke who threatens to destroy all civilization.

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Movie Reviews

Common Sense Media - 4/10 by Brian CostelloJumbled fantasy story with lots of iffy behavior.
Reel Film Reviews - 1/10 by David NusairA terminally low-rent and bottom-of-the-barrel endeavor...
User Review - 10/10 by Atulya JI like this movie. It's different, the style is great for kids and adults who want a more realistic approach to camerawork, so we can more believe it's real. The troll was funny and I like his voice, and the dragons -2 of them, were the best parts of the film. so much personality and nicely animated. Not the same old Hollywood perfect everything so its some other world. Good stars too.
User Review - 6/10 by Kristina CPlot was good but acting wasn't great
User Review - 6/10 by Michelle Plame when they said teenage i thought they would be teenagers, and he be like in a new world fighting dragons.
User Review - 4/10 by John BDisappointing, even for a kids' movie
User Review - 4/10 by Mark SI might have found it interesting if I was eight years old, but viewers any older than this will cringe at the low-budget special effects, awful cinematography, and utter lack of foreshadowing or character development. It tries to be an 80's movie in the vein of "Little Monsters" but fails pretty spectacularly.
User Review - 4/10 by Don SYou know there are issues when the title says teenage, but the lead character is only 12. This is pretty sad fantasy fare. The effects are bad, the story is simple and silly and the acting is on the poorer side of fair. Not sure even most kids would find this entertaining.
User Review - 2/10 by Joshua LReally cheap looking film due to terrible special effects; could've been better as the storyline has potential. Anyway would avoid.
User Review - 2/10 by BG Movie Reviews 2Okay - there is one thing that should be a rule of films: if it appears on the front cover, it should resemble the film. This film breaks that rule abismally! The main character is not blonde, the dragon is a pathetic CGI image rather than something realistic, and the castle on the back of the DVD case does not feature ANYWHERE in the film! Another major flaw is that the main character is NOT A TEENAGER: he's 12! And to add to that he look so much younger. The script was not special in any way, shape or form and showed exactly what can go wrong with indie film making. Unlike what some reviews say, the acting is not poor, it was mediocre - nothing amazing, but not really bad. What suprised me the most was that a scene very resemblent of the first Saw film featured, yet it remained a PG! There is a part where a blue troll cuts his own foot of with a saw, leaving blue blood everywhere. I just don't get why that was even necessary, it seemed an excuse for violence; and not a good one at that. About the only decent thing in the film was the part where one of the children hotwires a van so they can escape and when ask where she learnt to do that she said "At scouts." On whole, it is enough to entertain smaller children, but is not of great taste, nor of a position that allows it to be considered so bad it's funny. If you really want to entertain children, show them some Disney classics, not this indie failure.

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Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer