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Veronica Guerin

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An Irish journalist writes a series of stories about drug dealers.... (Full plot summary below)

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An Irish journalist writes a series of stories about drug dealers.

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Movie Reviews

Entertainment Weekly - 9/10 by Lisa Schwarzbaum Her death was shocking; this well-made telling of her life is inspiring.
Chicago Reader - 9/10 by J. R. Jones Well-meaning but simpleminded.
New York Magazine/Vulture - 9/10 by Peter Rainer While I was watching Veronica Guerin, starring Cate Blanchett, I kept imagining the movie it might have been before director Joel Schumacher and producer Jerry Bruckheimer got their hands on it.
Chicago Sun-Times - 8/10 by Roger Ebert Cate Blanchett plays Guerin in a way that fascinated me for reasons the movie probably did not intend.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - 8/10 by William Arnold Blanchett is, warts-and-all, letter perfect.
Time - 8/10 by Richard Corliss Veronica Guerin paid with her life. This film would make her proud, for it is ultimately not depressing but -- we say without a shred of journalistic irony -- inspiring.
San Francisco Chronicle - 8/10 by Mick LaSalle An arresting portrait of a fascinating and somewhat mysterious personality.
Chicago Tribune - 8/10 by Michael Wilmington I can't imagine a better actress for this part than Australian-born Cate Blanchett. Blanchett, who can be regal ("Elizabeth") or slutty ("The Shipping News"), manages to catch the feel of Guerin.
L.A. Weekly - 8/10 by Ella Taylor For once, it's no stretch for Jerry Bruckheimer to turn a human life into an action movie. Give or take a pack of screaming clichés in Carol Doyle and Mary Agnes Donoghue's screenplay, Joel Schumacher's propulsive thriller is also a smart character study, with Cate Blanchett as the jewel in its crown.
ReelViews - 8/10 by James Berardinelli For the most part, this is a memorable portrayal of a woman who doggedly pursued, and died for, an ideal.
The Hollywood Reporter - 8/10 by Mark Adams A luminous performance from Cate Blanchett lies at the heart of Joel Schumacher's impressive drama.
Boulder Weekly - 8/10 by Thomas Delapa What you will take away from this movie is another fine performance by Blanchett.

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