The World's Fastest Indian
The World's Fastest Indian

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Certificate: 12A | Released: 2005 | Duration: 2 hrs 7 mins | Director: Roger Donaldson | Studio: Icon Home Entertainment | Genres: Drama

Based on a true story. After a lifetime of perfecting his classic 1920 Indian motorcycle, in 1967 Burt Munro set off from New Zealand to test his bike in Utah with only a shoestring budget. Even at the age of 68 Burt is a man who has never let the dreams of youth fade, and with the odds stacked against him, he sets a new land speed record. He also captured the hearts of all he met and the spirit of the time. Burt Munro's 1967 world record remains unbroken.

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The life and triumph of Burt Munro, the elderly Kiwi man who, at the far from sprightly age of 68, broke motorcycle racing records in Utah, has fuelled director Roger Donaldson's creative energy for years.

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The A.V. Club - 7.0/10 by Nathan Rabin Hopkins delivers such a warm, winning performance that it's hard not to be won over by his loopy charm and monomaniacal passion. The film is about a man whose need for speed takes on an existential and spiritual dimension, but it's precisely its rambling, meandering, unhurried affability that makes it such a low-key pleasure.
Variety - 7.0/10 by Todd McCarthy Sometimes shticky biopic overcomes its cornball conventionality to become a genial entertainment, thanks to Anthony Hopkins' exceptionally engaging performance.
Austin Chronicle - 6.7/10 by Marc Savlov All one needs to know about Burt Munro, the real-life New Zealand codger and Indian motorcycle enthusiast who in 1967 set a land speed record that still stands today, comes midway through this unabashedly sentimental wall of schmaltz.
Entertainment Weekly - 6.7/10 by Lisa Schwarzbaum The cockeyed devotion with which writer-director Roger Donaldson dramatizes the story of New Zealand motorcycle legend Burt Munro and his classic 1920 bike in The World's Fastest Indian is in direct proportion to the cockeyed devotion with which Munro himself pursued his lifetime goal of setting a land-speed record at Bonneville Flats, Utah.
The Hollywood Reporter - 7.0/10 by Kirk Honeycutt Hopkins' performance flat-out works.
Los Angeles Times - 7.0/10 by Kevin Crust Based on the real-life exploits of Munro, it's a boilerplate fish-out-of-water/road trip/underdog sports movie -- but it's a heck of a ride with Hopkins leading the way.
Premiere - 7.5/10 by Jessica Letkemann A sweet, watchable little film.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - 6.3/10 by Rick Groen The World's Fastest Indian may be the world's slowest movie.

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