The Limits of Control
The Limits of Control

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The story of a mysterious loner, a stranger in the process of completing a criminal job.... (Full plot summary below)

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The story of a mysterious loner, a stranger in the process of completing a criminal job.

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Antagony & Ecstasy - 10/10 by Tim Brayton Where I see thrilling structural and formal exploration, another viewer could see so much pretentious twaddle, and that's a perfectly reasonable response.
Financial Times - 10/10 by Nigel Andrews You have to take sides. Go see the film, go judge. Either this is plotless rubbish designed to inflame tabloid newspapers. Or it is the future of cinema, and Jarmusch has got there before the rest of us. - 10/10 by Rob Gonsalves ...a Zen gangster film, a mandala that scatters itself at the end. Its very quietude and uneventfulness force you into the moment every moment...
Combustible Celluloid - 9/10 by Jeffrey M. Anderson One character talks about molecules moving around in ecstasy, and I think this film has that kind of mystery.
PopMatters - 9/10 by Cynthia Fuchs The limits of control are simultaneously intimate and global. And Isaac De Bankolé's face reveals just as much as you can know.
I.E. Weekly - 9/10 by Amy Nicholson This indulgent exercise in audience torture deliberately avoids every beat of an espionage thriller.
FILMINK (Australia) - 9/10 by Julian Shaw A filmmaker who is always cerebral and occasionally very soulful, Jarmusch -- fascinating even at his most tepid -- could do better to have a lot more red blood flowing through his recent work and a little less ice water.
ViewLondon - 8/10 by Matthew Turner A beautifully shot, sharply written and quirkily enjoyable thriller that plays like a Jim Jarmusch reboot of Point Blank.
Monsters and Critics - 8/10 by Ron Wilkinson The medium is the message in this slow but sure road piece. Little action and almost no dialog emphasize the seductive photography and make a film that keeps moving in spite of itself.
London Evening Standard - 8/10 by Derek Malcolm The Limits of Control gives off the scent of a thriller but the general odour of an art movie purposefully going nowhere.
Time Out - 8/10 by David Jenkins A work of dazzling formal discipline that riffs on the simple notion of repetition and variation.
Giant Magazine - 8/10 by Ethan Alter The Limits of Control casts a hypnotic spell that will entrance some viewers--myself included--while leaving others searching for the nearest exit.

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The Limits of Control