The Football Factory
The Football Factory

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Certificate: 18 | Released: 2004 | Duration: 1 hr 27 mins | Director: Nick Love | Studio: Momentum Pictures | Genres: Drama

A gripping story of football violence in middle England, based on John King's best-selling novel. Tommy Johnson is a typical twenty-something drug-taking lager-lout. Provoked into giving someone a good kicking on a Saturday afternoon he gets embroiled in an escalating petty war of violence and revenge.

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Movie Trivia

  • Dudley Sutton, who plays Bill, also starred in The Shouting Men.
  • This is an adaptation of the novel by John King.
  • Director Nick Love also directed The Firm.
  • Director Nick Love once worked as Ralph Lauren model.
  • Frank Harper, who plays Billy, went on to appear in StreetDance.

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