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That Awkward Moment

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Three best friends find themselves where we've all been - at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide "So...where is this going?... (Full plot summary below)

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Three best friends find themselves where we've all been - at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide "So...where is this going?

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AV Club - 9/10 by Kevin McFarland Tom Gormican's debut yearns to stand out as a benchmark for what dating is like at this moment in time, all the while working with the same basic toolkit as every other film in the genre. - 9/10 by Rebecca Murray The guys have terrific chemistry, the acting is above average for the genre, and the women are surprisingly fleshed out and not just stereotypical girlfriend material.
HitFix - 9/10 by Drew McWeeny Writer/director Tom Gormican has certainly established a voice for his debut feature, but unfortunately, it is a grotesque, immature, and cheerfully misogynistic voice, one that I would not want to hear a second time.
Entertainment Weekly - 9/10 by Adam Markovitz The movie's ideas about relationships would've felt middle-of-the-road in the '80s, and its big epiphany moments (Guys can fall in love, too!) are shallow enough to make you long for the comparatively profound rom-com oeuvre of Kate Hudson.
ViewLondon - 8/10 by Matthew Turner Enjoyable romantic comedy with likeable performances, a snappy, sharply observed script and central relationships that feel a bit more real than the usual formulaic nonsense ...
FilmDrunk - 8/10 by Vincent Mancini That Awkward Moment has taken Sex & The City and made everyone younger, dumber, and hornier, while simultaneously making them hipper, sharper, and more sophisticated, like some insidious Hitler Youth infomercial for Manhattan. - 8/10 by Brian Orndorf When That Awkward Moment isn't funny, it's painfully confused, attempting to celebrate louts as lovable, while female characters are disposable, treated as mere decoration in this allegedly romantic comedy. - 8/10 by Eric D. Snider The talents of the three leading men are wasted on a shallow, misguided story that lets them talk a lot about boners and pooping but gives them no opportunity to be funny or charming.
Total Film - 8/10 by James Mottram A box-fresh comedy both real and romantic, That Awkward Moment rarely has any of its own. Date night sorted, then...
Detroit News - 8/10 by Adam Graham "That Awkward Moment" wants to be part "American Pie" and part "Swingers." It doesn't get there, but thanks to its cast, watching it try has its moments.
Village Voice - 7/10 by Amy Nicholson While it's easy to tease first-time writer-director Tom Gormican's raunchy rom-com, the trio has a shaggy chemistry, and most of the jokes hit.
The Playlist - 7/10 by Kevin Jagernauth It's that awkward moment when you realize you could've spent that $12 on anything else.

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