Sunshine on Leith
Sunshine on Leith

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Two soldiers return home to Edinburgh to resume their romantic and family lives.... (Full plot summary below)

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Two soldiers return home to Edinburgh to resume their romantic and family lives.

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The Ooh Tray - 10/10 by Ed Whitfield Fletcher gets good performances from a game cast but I wouldn't give you half a sixpence for his skills as a musical impresario.
Screen-Space - 10/10 by Simon Foster [Fletcher's] adaptation of the hit stage play is to Scottish audiences as Mamma Mia! is to The Me Generation and and Rock of Ages is to Gen X-ers - a bigscreen jukebox jam very loosely held together by a hoary plotline as old as cinema itself.
Sydney Morning Herald - 8/10 by Paul Byrnes The flash mob finale, with what looks like 500 dancing Edinburghers, is about the most fun I've had in a cinema this year.
ABC Radio Brisbane - 8/10 by Matthew Toomey Lovers of musicals and/or The Proclaimers may find themselves overlooking the flaws and enjoying this film a lot more than me.
Irish Times - 8/10 by Tara Brady We'd say it was a Celtic Umbrellas of Cherbourg. But they didn't have headbutts or anything like as much fun in that film.
Urban Cinefile - 8/10 by Louise Keller I feel a bit mean not to embrace Stephen Greenhorn's adaptation of his good hearted stage musical, but the film plods instead of soars, despite its genuine characters and heartfelt performances
The Australian - 7/10 by David Stratton There are sentimental elements, and not all the songs are top-drawer, but despite that the unlikely idea of having characters burst into song as they walk down the street or drink in a pub worked for me.
Sydney Morning Herald - 6/10 by Craig Mathieson Thankfully more pleasing than patronising, Sunshine on Leith works because it's not universal; while tidied up, it's still peculiar to a place and people.
This is London - 6/10 by Charlotte O'Sullivan Fletcher's faux-rootsy, unoriginal crowd-pleaser keeps insisting that we see it as a ray of sunshine. It didn't work for me, but Mullan provides one hell of a silver lining.
Screenwize - 6/10 by Simon Weaving A wee bit twee and syrupy, this jaunty Scottish musical works hard to take you from misery to happiness all to the upbeat sound of The Proclaimers.
Sky Movies - 6/10 by Angela Britten It will be a cold heart that can't warm to this sunshine.
Quickflix - 6/10 by Simon Miraudo There is nothing quite as alarming as sitting down to a film and only then discovering it's a musical, to say nothing of the confusion that comes with the realisation it's comprised entirely of Proclaimers songs.

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