Stitch - The Movie
Stitch - The Movie

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Certificate: U | Released: 2003 | Duration: 58 mins | Director: Tony Craig | Studio: Walt Disney Home Video | Genres: Children - Animated

We all know Stitch was 'Experiment 626' - but did you ever wonder about the first 625? Stitch: The Movie follows the fun-filled, heartwarming antics of the lovable, troublemaking little alien who splashed down to earth and touched the lives of Lilo and her extended family. Now Stitch, Pleakley and Jumba are all part of the family. But what Lilo and Stitch don't know is that Jumba smuggled his first 625 alien experiments to Earth... and now the evil Captain Gantu wants those other aliens back.

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Stitch returns in this sequel to Disney's 2002 hit LILO & STITCH wherein Experiment 626 learns that he is not alone in the universe. Along with Lilo and their adopted aunt and uncle, Pleakley and Jumba, Stitch sets out to free the other 625 alien experiments who make up his incredibly fantastic family. Filled with aliens, Elvis songs, and Ohana, STITCH! THE MOVIE recaptures the magic and comedic whimsy of its predecessor.

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