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Chris wants to show girlfriend Tina his world, but events soon conspire against the couple and their dream caravan holiday takes a very wrong turn.... (Full plot summary below)

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Chris wants to show girlfriend Tina his world, but events soon conspire against the couple and their dream caravan holiday takes a very wrong turn.

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Time Out New York - 10/10 by Joshua Rothkopf Wheatley, underplaying his stylishness, goes for a subtle national satire about geeks gone wild, and that’s the fun here: On as mild-mannered a vacation as two Brits might devise, a killer comes along—and, after a while, is politely welcomed in, the kettle simmering. - 10/10 by Sheila O'Malley Director Wheatley has already shown his aptitude for sardonic horror-commentaries, and Sightseers is his best film to date. Sightseers is dark, gruesome, blithely amoral and thoroughly entertaining.
The Playlist - 10/10 by James Rocchi Sightseers homicidal holiday isn't just a pitch-black comedy made with skill, will and brains; it's also another demonstration that Wheatley is, to use an all-too-appropriate phrase, going places.
Slant Magazine - 9/10 by Jesse Cataldo This sardonic depiction of Britain, as a land where a thin veneer of strained politesse and fussy specificity of tastes masks a throbbing heart of darkness, makes for Ben Wheatley's best film yet.
The Hollywood Reporter - 8/10 by Neil Young A pitch-black and sometimes gorily violent laugh-riot.
Empire - 8/10 by Kim Newman A uniquely British blend of excruciating comedy of embarrassment and outright grue, not quite as disorientating in its mood shifts as Kill List but just as impressive a film.
Variety - 8/10 by Peter Debruge The satire is firmly seated in character, and no one understands how well a good homicide can elucidate character better than Wheatley.
Total Film - 8/10 by Matt Glasby It might not sound much on paper, but it’s all in the delivery, the appealing lead performances combining with Wheatley's sudden tonal shifts to produce a film that’s funny, sinister and strangely moving.
Los Angeles Times - 8/10 by Betsy Sharkey It is the almost accidental way Tina and Chris go about going bad that provides Sightseers with its twisted humor and its unexpected charm.
indieWIRE - 8/10 by Eric Kohn He's still cultivating his storytelling abilities, but Wheatley has clearly found his sweet spot: a darkly funny place with serious potential. - 8/10 by Amanda May Meyncke Simply put, Sightseers is a deliciously inappropriate and hilariously weird comedy.
Boston Globe - 8/10 by Ty Burr Darkly funny though it is, Sightseers has undercurrents of genuine and very British weirdness...Way down beneath the whimsy is a class rage as heartfelt as it is warped.

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