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Certificate: 15 | Released: 2006 | Duration: 1 hr 30 mins | Director: Christopher Smith | Studio: Pathe Distribution | Genres: Comedy - Thriller - Audio Descriptive - Horror

Working nine to five is a real killer, but when you work for Palisade Defence, team-building holidays can be even worse. Seven colleagues find themselves faced with the chop when their corporate weekend is sabotaged by a deadly enemy. Forget office politics, only the smartest will survive this office outing.

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Probably the funniest British Comedy Horror since Shawn of the Dead, Christopher Smith's latest film since Creep is guaranteed to have you wincing and laughing in equal measures. Think ‘The Office' crossed with ‘Deliverance'.

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The Hollywood Reporter - 7.0/10 by Ray Bennett A winning combination of laughs and genuine shocks.
Portland Oregonian - 6.7/10 by Shawn Levy It's modestly effective at creating a mood and at critiquing both business place mores and the evils of Western hubris. But, chiefly, it's about gory scares and sniffling laughs.
The A.V. Club - 7.5/10 by Scott Tobias Severance still seems a few rewrites away from living up to its potential, but it's remarkable how much just a modicum of wit can spice up the standard backwoods slice-and-dice. Scaring people with a horror film is easy; entertaining them takes a little skill.
Los Angeles Times - 7.0/10 by Gary Goldstein Along with lots of pitch-dark humor, James Moran's often clever script is peppered with winks and nudges about the war on terror that helps distinguish the film from the recent spate of torture flicks.
New York Daily News - 6.3/10 by Elizabeth Weitzman You'll need a strong stomach, but director Christopher Smith mixes lots of laughs into the gore. Despite its predictable finish, Severance is bloody good fun.
Rolling Stone - 7.5/10 by Peter Travers Director and co-writer Christopher Smith, mischievously blending "The Office" with "Friday the 13th," keeps things fierce and funny enough to give Steve Carell ideas.
Chicago Reader - 7.0/10 by Meredith Brody For horror fans who crave a few laughs along with their ritual decapitations and limb severings.
Chicago Tribune - 8.8/10 by Michael Phillips I prefer my horror with a chaser of wit, and Severance, a modest but very lively British import, serves it up in harsh but high style.

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