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A couple search for each other years after the night they first met, fell in love, and separated, convinced that one day they'd end up together.... (Full plot summary below)

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A couple search for each other years after the night they first met, fell in love, and separated, convinced that one day they'd end up together.

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Combustible Celluloid - 9/10 by Jeffrey M. Anderson Delivers its romance in a warm, straightforward way with no frills.
Eclipse Magazine - 9/10 by Sean O'Connell Various 'new age' detours addressing destiny and soulmates, as well as a jazzy soundtrack of original tunes by Alan Silvestri, make the familiar material seem lively and original.
Entertainment Weekly - 9/10 by Lisa Schwarzbaum Serendipity has no business working, but it does. And by the way, Eugene Levy has no business almost stealing the show, but he does, too.
New York Observer - 9/10 by Rex Reed Fluffy and innocuous as Cool Whip, it is nonetheless uplifting, romantic and delightful, further enhancing the world's enduring love affair with the Big Apple. - 8/10 by Jane Crowther Wittily scripted, beautifully played by an excellent cast, and just so darned... nice, this is must-see viewing for the romantics.
Fresno Bee - 8/10 by Donald Munro Its characters act as if they're slogging through an 85-minute screen exercise, not engaging in anything remotely resembling real life.
Kansas City Star - 8/10 by Robert W. Butler Serendipity makes the same mistake The Mexican did earlier this year -- it signs up a great star couple, then spends most of its time keeping them apart.
One Guy's Opinion - 8/10 by Frank Swietek Even the most tolerant viewer is likely to groan more than once at the enormous mass of contrivance and manipulation stuffed into a mere ninety minutes. - 8/10 by Dustin Putman This could very well be the most romantic movie of the year.
New York Post - 8/10 by Lou Lumenick Honestly, it's still pretty hard to resist as a guilty pleasure: A fluffy date-night movie that wrung a tear or two from more than one hardened male critic's eyes, chick flick or no.
Mark Reviews Movies - 8/10 by Mark Dujsik Because the script so gleefully indulges in bringing its leads closer together all while making sure they stay just far enough away, we smile instead of groan.
Mr. Showbiz - 8/10 by Kevin Maynard While this romantic confection is about as substantial as the frozen hot cocoa they serve at the titular Upper East Side restaurant, it's appealing cast and snowbound, fairy-tale NYC locations make it go down easy.

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