Searching for Sugar Man
Searching for Sugar Man

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Two South Africans set out to discover what happened to their unlikely musical hero, the mysterious 1970s rock n roller, Rodriguez.... (Full plot summary below)

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Two South Africans set out to discover what happened to their unlikely musical hero, the mysterious 1970s rock n roller, Rodriguez.

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ViewLondon - 10/10 by Matthew Turner Hugely entertaining and powerfully emotional, this is a terrific, well made documentary that tells a gripping story and unearths an astonishing musical find; it's also one of the best films of the year.
Charlotte Observer - 10/10 by Lawrence Toppman Searching for Sugar Man reminds us that a wise man knows lasting riches are never the result of record sales.
Times-Picayune - 10/10 by Mike Scott Part music documentary, part mystery, all inspirational homage to unrecognized genius everywhere.
Philadelphia Inquirer - 10/10 by Steven Rea Beautiful and revelatory, Searching for Sugar Man also incorporates huge chunks of Rodriguez's music.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 10/10 by Joe Williams It starts as a bittersweet parable about the cruelty of commerce, but the wonder of "Searching for Sugar Man" will not soon slip away.
NPR - 10/10 by Ella Taylor The movie's most potent emotional payoff is less Rodriguez's delayed success story - the fulfillment of many a frustrated rocker's fantasies - than the mysteries it leaves unsolved.
Chicago Sun-Times - 10/10 by Roger Ebert I hope you're able to see this film. You deserve to. And yes, it exists because we need for it to. - 10/10 by Edward Douglas A gloriously inspirational comeback tale that leaves you feeling anything is possible.
Daily Mail (UK) - 10/10 by Christopher Tookey This film tells a tale far too incredible to be true - yet it is, indeed, a documentary.
San Francisco Chronicle - 10/10 by Peter Hartlaub Music executive Clarence Avant says Rodriguez sold about six copies of each of his two albums. Multiply that by the number of people who see this movie.
USA Today - 10/10 by Claudia Puig The way in which this fascinating story unfolds, as directed by Swedish filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul, renders it thoroughly captivating, often exhilarating.
ABC Radio Brisbane - 9/10 by Matthew Toomey The first half of this film is mysterious whereas the second half is wonderfully inspiring. It's proof that truth really is stranger than fiction.

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Searching for Sugar Man