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Four teens are tricked by their professor into visiting a haunted house for a school project.... (Full plot summary below)

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Four teens are tricked by their professor into visiting a haunted house for a school project.

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Movie Reviews

New York Post - 9/10 by Lou Lumenick So desperately unfunny that you wish someone would sue for false advertising.
Entertainment Weekly - 9/10 by Owen Gleiberman An act of nose-thumbing that never quite figures out how, or even where, to position its thumb.
L.A. Weekly - 8/10 by F. X. Feeney The Wayanses can be crude beyond crude, but they're so clever that their inventiveness takes the place of taste.
Blunt Review - 8/10 by Emily Blunt It's the wackiness of the whole thing that makes it work.
Detroit Free Press - 8/10 by John Monaghan The inevitable sequel delivers the same schtick, but it's only fresh by half.
Chicago Tribune - 8/10 by Robert K. Elder Wanders from joke to joke with not enough narrative -- or blood -- to make it all stick together.
Reeling Reviews - 7/10 by Laura Clifford just goes through the motions of parodying one movie after another without any apparent stab at wit or humor
Seattle Times - 7/10 by John Zebrowski Some will find this funny. Some people laugh themselves silly flushing the toilet over and over. - 7/10 by Eric D. Snider There are seven writers credited for Scary Movie 2. That's approximately two writers per laugh.
Film Quips Online - 7/10 by John R. McEwen Basically just a bunch of silly spoof scenes cobbled together around a thin premise, it allows the Wayans brothers to have fun in the way a group of kids might have fun with a video camcorder, except with a multi-million-dollar budget.
Philadelphia City Paper - 6/10 by Cynthia Fuchs Most of the gags have to do with sex, none of it makes any sense and no one cares. And if it's not so surprising or clever as the first film, well, that's just predictable isn't it? - 6/10 by Jason Korsner If you haven't seen the target film, not only is it not funny, it becomes totally pointless.

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