Recess - School's Out
Recess - School's Out

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Certificate: U | Released: 2001 | Duration: 1 hr 23 mins | Director: Chuck Sheetz | Studio: Walt Disney Home Video | Genres: Children - Animated

In this animated film from Disney, based on the popular children's television show RECESS, the evil school principal Dr. Benedict is trying to eliminate summer vacation from the calendar. To do so, he has devised a way to alter the weather and make it perpetually winter. To help the save summer vacation, T.J. Detweiler gets the teachers and students to band together, determined to stop the principal's deranged plans.

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A former principal of the school has devised a scheme to control the weather and make it permanently winter, this will mean that the students will never get a summer break!. T.J. Detweiler calls on the others to help save the day...

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Movie Reviews

Chicago Sun-Times - 6.3/10 by Roger Ebert It's fast-footed and fun. "Rugrats in Paris" had charms for grownups, however, Recess: School's Out seems aimed more directly at grade-schoolers.
Washington Post - 7.0/10 by Desson Thomson The movie's great fun, particularly for kids used to that satirically hard-edged kind of kid show.
Chicago Tribune - 6.3/10 by Loren King An amusing and entertaining animated feature, and it's harmless enough for the elementary-school set.
Miami Herald - 7.5/10 by Christine Dolen If your kid is a fan of Disney's "Recess," one of the hotter properties on ABC's Saturday morning cartoon lineup, the new inspired-by-the-TV-show movie, Recess: School's Out, will be quite a hit.

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