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A young boy attempts to make the world a better place after his teacher gives him that chance.... (Full plot summary below)

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A young boy attempts to make the world a better place after his teacher gives him that chance.

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Movie Reviews

Denver Post - 10/10 by Steven Rosen Toploaded with manipulative schmaltz, star-turn moments, intentionally unflattering makeup, unbelievable plot twists and just plain twaddle.
3BlackChicks Review - 10/10 by Kamal 'The Diva' Larsuel We should all challenge ourselves to pay it forward.
Hollywood Reporter - 10/10 by Michael Rechtshaffen Despite the concerted efforts of its Oscar pedigree cast to keep it real, Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and impressive young Haley Joel Osment unfortunately find themselves smothered by the schmaltz.
Philadelphia Daily News - 9/10 by Gary Thompson It becomes the rare movie that starts well and gets bad as it goes along.
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 9/10 by Jeff Strickler Spacey and Hunt create interestingly layered characters who are hiding parts of themselves from themselves. And come Oscar time, Osment once again may be saying, 'I see tuxedoed people.' - 9/10 by Blake French Ironic, isn't it, that a film about human decency takes place in Vegas?
Sacramento Bee - 9/10 by Joe Baltake Works beautifully as a figment of someone's idealism and goodwill.
Screen It! - 8/10 by Jim Judy What ultimately saves it are the performances from its Oscar winning & nominated trio of thespians who embody the story's emotionally injured characters.
Boston Globe - 8/10 by Jay Carr Another gutsy, big-budget movie that dares to say something new and optimistic about our messed-up times. And it almost, but not quite, brings it off. - 8/10 by Bob Aulert Stretches to be significant but instead only succeeds in being a very large platter of modern day Capra-corn.
Matinee Magazine - 8/10 by Chuck Rudolph Few films stoop as low as Pay it Forward under the guise of upright seriousness.
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 8/10 by Philip Martin It is a movie that will not only find but charm -- or should we say con? -- a certain kind of audience.

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