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A lost and alone kitten joins a gang of dogs engaged in petty larceny in New York.... (Full plot summary below)

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A lost and alone kitten joins a gang of dogs engaged in petty larceny in New York.

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Chicago Reader - 8/10 by Jonathan Rosenbaum The animation is fairly unexciting though serviceable, and the overall mystification of class difference would probably have made Dickens shudder, but kids should find this tolerable enough.
Combustible Celluloid - 8/10 by Jeffrey M. Anderson Surely one of Disney's weakest full-length animated features, Oliver and Company features terrible, badly dated songs and some shoddy, patchwork animation with precious few dazzling moments.
Apollo Guide - 7/10 by Brian Webster More notable for what it isn't than what it is, it's one of the gangly middle children of the Disney animation family, not quite sure how to fit in, or even if it's valued.
Common Sense Media - 6/10 by Nell Minow Can't compete with Disney classics, but still fun.
Creative Loafing - 5/10 by Matt Brunson Suffers from a rote storyline and flat animation.
Austin Chronicle - 5/10 by Margaret Moser Simply put, Oliver & Company didn't work for me not because I'm many years past my sixth birthday but because it never scared me into forgetting that fact.
DVDTalk.com - 5/10 by David Cornelius The animation is clumsy, the songs are forgettable, the attempts at late-80s relevance now come across as dated and slightly embarrassing.
Antagony & Ecstasy - 4/10 by Tim Brayton Quite insipid and wretchedly unengaging.
Slant Magazine - 4/10 by Eric Henderson I guess I can cut the Mouse House a little slack when it comes to paint-by-numbers mediocrities like Oliver & Company.

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