Ninja Assassin
Ninja Assassin

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Certificate: 18 | Released: 2009 | Duration: 1 hr 39 mins | Director: James McTeigue | Studio: Warner Home Video | Genres: Thriller - Audio Descriptive - Action/Adventure

Raizo (Rain) has turned his back on the ninjas who raised him and trained him as an assassin, but he teams up with an Interpol agent (Harris) to track down his former family and stop their evil ways.

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V FOR VENDETTA director James McTeigue re-teams with that film's producers Larry and Andy Wachowski for this action-packed tale of a skilled assassin who was trained by a mythical secret society, and patiently awaits the day he will avenge the death of his best friend.

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New York Post - 6.3/10 by Kyle Smith Despite the pace, though -- pedal, have you met my friend metal? -- Ninja Assassin still has some of its best stuff left at the end, when the master returns to demonstrate his extra-special, super-most-deadliest technique.
Entertainment Weekly - 7.5/10 by Chris Nashawaty Let's be honest, killing is this film's business...and business is good.
The Hollywood Reporter - 7.0/10 by Ethan Alter Ninja isn't a great movie, but if you're in the right frame of mind, it is a bloody good time.

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