My Best Friend's Wedding
My Best Friend's Wedding

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Certificate: 12A | Released: 1997 | Duration: 1 hr 40 mins | Director: PJ Hogan | Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment | Genres: Comedy - Romance

A 28-year-old woman, who years earlier made a pact with her closest male friend that if neither were married in ten years time they would marry one another, now faces the fact that the man is about to marry someone else. He asks her to be his best man and she agrees, planning to go to the ceremony and then break up the couple before they exchange their vows. Instead, she accepts the turn of events and realizes she doesn't need to be married to be happy.

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Julianne realises that she is in love with her best friend Michael but he's about to marry someone else. She has just four days to win him back but the problem is - she cannot tell him the truth...

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The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - 7.5/10 by Rick Groen Although there are definite lags here, those "glittering" set-pieces are funny enough (at least one is hilarious) to stave off any prolonged yawns.
San Francisco Chronicle - 7.5/10 by Ruthe Stein The real casting disaster is Mulroney. His blandness in the role makes it impossible to believe two beautiful women would fight over him.
Variety - 8.0/10 by Leonard Klady Ultimately, My Best Friend's Wedding works for some very old-fashioned reasons: It skillfully engages us in the story and its characters. And, for no additional cost, it has something to say about how we live, act, commit and relate.
Austin Chronicle - 6.7/10 by Russell Smith It does effectively recall those bygone days when impossibly attractive, charming, and endearingly flawed characters dressed to kill, smoked like creosote plants, and behaved atrociously on the way to rapturous romantic consummation.
ReelViews - 7.5/10 by James Berardinelli The film makers understand that it's possible for a romantic comedy to appeal not only to the heart, but to the mind as well. - 7.0/10 by Sean Means Best of all are the supporting players. Everett (who played the Prince of Wales in "The Madness of King George") is smartly urbane, giving a polished refinement to the stereotypical "gay best buddy'' role.
USA Today - 6.3/10 by Susan Wloszczyna Mulroney is a drip with not a milliliter of chemistry with either woman. Roberts doesn't really seem to care about him so much as the fact that life is passing her by. Though, that may be the point.
Chicago Tribune - 7.5/10 by Mark Caro More thoughtful than advertised. And as a confection, it's less sweet and more flavorful than your average wedding cake. [20 June 1997]

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