Mothers and Daughters
Mothers and Daughters

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- 49/100 based on 1,687 votes
  • Released: 2016
  • Runtime: 90 mins
  • Director: Paul Duddridge
  • Studio: Screen Media Films
  • Genres: Drama

Interwoven stories of what it is to be a mom seen through the lens of photographer Rigby Gray.... (Full plot summary below)

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Full Plot Details

Interwoven stories of what it is to be a mom seen through the lens of photographer Rigby Gray.

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Movie Reviews

New York Observer - 8/10 by Rex Reed It’s all so confusing that I found it next to impossible to keep up with who’s who, how they’re related to each other, and why—and I found the script too baffling and sentimental to care. - 7/10 by Brian Orndorf Not the most consistent effort, but when it endeavors to find the truth of the moment, celebrating communication and the indefatigable care of parenthood, "Mothers and Daughters" locates appealing insight.
Spirituality and Practice - 6/10 by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat A lightly entertaining portrait of different types of mother-daughter relationships.
Reeling Reviews - 6/10 by Laura Clifford This is the type of criss-crossing, female-centric project filmmaker Rodrigo Garcia excelled with in "Mother and Child" and "Nine Lives," but director Paul Duddridge doesn't seem to have a clue how to tell a story or create visual interest. - 6/10 by Christopher Campbell While Mothers and Daughters is not a great movie by any measure, for an ensemble feature tied to Mother's Day, it certainly could have been a lot worse. - 4/10 by Travis Hopson It's like somebody has some kind of personal vendetta against Moms with all the crappy movies being made about them.
NOW Toronto - 4/10 by Susan G. Cole Director Paul Duddridge gives us just glimpses of these stories, and the narratives either resolve too easily or peter out. A peripheral piece about a pop star and his mother comes out of nowhere.
Aisle Seat - 4/10 by Mike McGranaghan A 90-minute bore. Many of the scenes take place either on the phone or via FaceTime, so you don't even get the pleasure of seeing these talented actresses onscreen together sometimes.
New York Times - 4/10 by Neil Genzlinger "Mothers and Daughters" is full of recognizable stars and heartfelt conversations. Unfortunately, it's largely devoid of the kind of character development that can give such conversations real impact.
Common Sense Media - 4/10 by S. Jhoanna Robledo Some drinking, drugs in overwrought all-star drama.
Movie Nation - 4/10 by Roger Moore Drab and soapy...and not original enough to be a "Lifetime Original Movie."
Los Angeles Times - 4/10 by Katie Walsh The emotions about the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters are spot on, and there’s no shortage of star power. But there’s an insistently dour fog over the proceedings, and the film feels subdued and sedated without the levity to brighten up things.

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Mothers and Daughters